Migos - Fire In The Booth (Freestyle) lyrics

Fire In The Booth (Freestyle) lyrics

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[Instrumental: 2 Chainz - Road Dawg] [Offset] From the jail cell, my wrist so sick it got sickle cell Working my wrist like a ferris wheel You say this and that what my pocket fill We don't spare no n***a, cut his head off and show me he's real We got diamonds and gold ain't no stainless steel Independent we didn't take a deal I know you heard about the fight I know you heard about the shoot I know you heard a n***a ruthless It's 50 thousand for a viewing b**h you see the dab [Quavo] When I copped the Coupe they was mad at me Hoes calling me the dab daddy Bettin' poker chips I ain't playing Madden I'm a rich n***a, you can check my status Pa**ed chemistry and failed mathematics Money counter do the adding I bought a carpet from aladdin So I can finesse and do magic [Takeoff] What the f** wrong with these n***as Acting like he don't really know a n***a Acting like he don't really owe a n***a Pull up on the block I show a n***a It will blow a n***a ain't talking bout a motherf**ing lawnmower n***a Gas bags at the back door in the bando Young n***as trap at the corner store, n***a So many gold pennies on my chain you would think a n***a won a trophy n***a [?] bogus n***a Flex like a wrestler action figure Hocus pocus pull up in a Lotus and my diamonds sick is like I got ebola [?] In the kitchen whippin' chickens makin' odour [Quavo] Hold on Takeoff, hold up Takeoff Hit the n***a with the sawed off Then the n***a running off [Offset] Flip his body like it's f**ing soft Hole in one like we playing golf Pa** it to takeoff I bin and I call it the toss [Instrumental: Thats not me - Skepta ft. JME] [Quavo] I took your girl last night, I put her in the Lamb Dropped the top, drop the top cause she know who I am Showed her my pinky ring, man it's bout a gram Every time she see me, get it and she know [Takeoff] Now when I turn my wrist in that bowl it's spectacular Look at my pinky yeah it look like; it's africa n***as wanna be me yeah cause I'm a bachelor Pull up on a n***a I'm smoking tarantula [Offset] I see you flexing , actin', you a character Pull up caterpillar f** your b**h today My wrist just look like red Kool-Aid oh my god Pull in a phantom and it Laughs [Quavo] b**hes s**ing me like I'm Dracula Young rich n***a, get your camera Everybody wanna pull up Panarama Quavo every time I pull up camera [Takeoff] n***as wanna be the Migos Taking a trip to go pick up them kilos I f** with god damn Pedro and I know John Rico [Quavo] And I know Diego and I know Eduardo [Offset] Can't forget about Nino Got out the cheeto Wrapping the bricks and we send 'em cross the water, burrito [Takeoff] Pull up on the block in the Lamborghini the keys from the [?] [Quavo] Keys from the [?] Keys from the [?] Ooh like lingo, money long like [Offset] All these n***as be biting our lingo If you hear what rappers they do sound like the migos Tru story No lie No flex Look at the diamonds on our neck, VVS [Quavo] Man are on like Lambo Shoutout to YRN Lingo God that my people Might push a whole kilo Yeah Migo Bandz, might cook a whole gram Young Mango Foo dropped out of school But he keep the 2 Ain't breaking no rules All my n***as get that dough [Takeoff] What I do, young n***a act a fool [Offset] Act a fool, Act a fool [Quavo] Hit him with the uppercut, like Ryu! [Takeoff] Migo Jerz, stayed around the curb Used to hotbox in the box Chevy, that my world [Offset] Hot boxing up in the Chevy [?] All of my n***as get money we dabin', we smashin' on girls [Quavo] Dab Daddy Dab Daddy Might pull up in the old school Caddie Got your b**h, she mad at me Bad n***as want to....

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