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Migos - Black Bottles lyrics

[Hook: Rick Ross]
Black bottles and the gold chains
Want the half or the whole thing?
You goin' hard or you're goin' home?
You goin' gold or you ridin' chrome?

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
p**y n***as wanna see you dead
Cause them p**y n***as never see the bread
Black bottles and the gold chains
Ho swallowin' my whole name (Rozay)
I got some n***as that'll slide for me
In other words, n***as there to die for me
Left hand for the styrofoam
My right hand keep this Calico
I gave my shawty a student loan
That b**h's mouth made the honor roll
It's a cold world, meanin' no love
Down to do work, n***a, no gloves
Just got me 2 birds from ol' boy
I always look out for ol' boy
Belaire, my refrigerator
I ate your b**h out on the dinner table

[Hook: Rick Ross]

[Verse 2: Quavo]
Migos! Walkin' out the bando with a 4-5
My mama told me get money and stay alive
I can't make the deal, I think he wearing a wire
Pitch a hard ball and they hit it, call 'em Mark McGwire
I'm meeting up with Pele Migo, that's my [?]
He ain't ever have a private jet, would work on runways?
My wrist cook the magic, Quavo Hardaway
3,000 birds in the air, I call it Andre
I was nothin', turned into somethin', these b**hes want me
I came from the bando, lot of bags, but no groceries
Pull up in the foreign, lift the trunk where the motor be
Bottles in that VIP, bring out the camera, Spike Lee

[Hook: Rick Ross]

[Verse 3: Takeoff]
[Lyrics from: https:/]
32 bricks of gold, Karl Malone
Lookin' at my Breitling, it got VS-1 stones
Lately lot of you n***as been rockin' rhinestones
Talkin' 'bout you on the block, Macaulay Culkin, home alone
Takin' a trip to go pick up that pack and we pull up in Bentleys
Walkin' around with that sack, no 6, n***a walking with a 50
It's Migo gang, QC the label, f** n***as better get with it
After my show, I'm on top of your ho, n***a autographin' b**hes titties
Travelin' around the globe, I was told not to sell my soul
For the price of fame and never fold
Had to jump behind the internet
A n***a takin' chains, Debo
24k on my tongue
My Maison Margiela's, they rose gold
Trappin' and I've been trappin' around, see the snow

[Hook: Rick Ross]

[Verse 4: Offset]
Drug deala, gotta keep the 9 milla
You scary just like "Thriller", thinkin' about buyin' a buildin'
Finessin' the plug for the work
I toss him over, no dribble
Sippin' Rose after the day I had a court date
Tried to f** lil mama, I don't really like no foreplay
Talkin' all that sh**, I'll put a price all on your toupee
I hit him in the mouth, he thought he had a damn toothache
Both of you n***as are too fake
They watchin' a n***a like Blu-Ray
You talkin' 'bout that blow but you can't be from in the kitchen
Whippin' up Alicia Keys
You say that you got the big money
But really your money is sesame seeds
I got this b**h named Valerie, she [?] me bricks from Sicily
My neck is flooded and my double cup is mudded
The streets made me a villain, out that bowl, I made a million

[Hook: Rick Ross]

[Outro: Rick Ross]
Black bottles and the gold chains
Wearin' gold from the c**aine
Boil kilo in the crockpot
'Nother drug dealer on the car lot

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