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Mick Laye - We Are The Clash lyrics

[Verse 1]
Punk rockers, hip-hoppers
Brit poppers, show stoppers
Beboppers, hair droppers
Are you ready to sing?
Right wing, left wing
I want something
Easy to say
Bout what do you think

We ain't gonna be treated like trash
We got one thing
We are the clash
We are the clash
It's like a patch
You can strike that match

[Verse 2]
With my guitar now
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The cuban's last dance
I see them where they beating from
And the injuries stay
Beating on a drum
Did they tell them take it in'
Got the nervous sort of feeling
Where the fat boy blew


[Verse 3]
Home fires burning
In motorcycle city
The rocking gods will choose
If i'm worthy to live (rock rock clash city rockers)
The first to next engine
In jail at forty-six
And there's no more between ya..
To imitate respect


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