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Mick Laye - Dirty Punk lyrics

[Verse 1]
Going to be a dirty punk
Going to rock your neighborhood
Do the sound of rebel funk
Turn it up loud like it should
I could hear your momma scream
She's gonna waste herself away
When your daddy smashed that tv screen
I understand what he had to say

I'm going to get me a big, big, big
Big, big car
Then i'm gonna drive, drive, drive
I'm gonna drive so far
Up your boulevard
Up your boulevard
So far up your boulevard

[Verse 2]
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Going to be a dirty punk
While my brother dresses clean
He used to be the local hunk
The girls all ride in my machine(?)
How bout the time i made him drunk
And he insult my brotherhood
I shout out i am a dirty punk
Gonna rock your neighborhood


Going to get a big, big, big
Go faster!
Then i'm gonna go! Big!
Let's go to (???)
Up your boulevard
Up your boulevard
Go so far up your boulevard


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