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Mick Laye - Dictator lyrics

Yes I am the dictator, the more guns I got the better
Yes I am the liquidator, I carry the old Beretta
You know there once was freedom
You know how dangerous that can be

The people used to dance and sing
And they used to run wild in the streets
But now I am the voice howling from your radio
From my armour-plated cadillac you'll hear what I say goes

Yes I am the dictator, I satisfy the US team
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I always do my k**ing in the woods and keep the city gutters clean
'Cause I need a few more dollars for my fighter pilot to be free
To dive bomb on the population if they go running wild in the streets

Yes I am that voice...

Yes I am the crusader, I spent twenty years in exile
But now I am the invader and I'm never never gonna die
Yes I am the dictator, my name is on your ballot sheet
But until my box has your cross you know the form is incomplete

And you know...

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