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Mick Laye - Cool Under Heat lyrics

[Verse 1]
Rebels on the corner
Rebels to the core
Got a million dollar question
What is living for?
Hey! Man can scratch a living
In a fat man's city cla**
The teacher is survival
But soon the present will be the past

Be cool under heat
Be cool under heat
Be cool on the street
Be cool under heat

[Verse 2]
When you're rocking down
On a cold hard night
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Pitiless eyes of the city-less souls
Narrow in the lights
Sorrow upon sorrow
Go ganging up in your head
You can leave it till tomorrow
If you can balance on the edge


[Verse 3]
When the baby and you got to fight
Go cool your love in the rain
When the match refuses to strike
Show that you really are in pain
I'm giving you a warning
Gonna burn those blue suede shoes
Swagger in the morning
Prints up front page news


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