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Mick Jenkins - Comfortable lyrics

[Produced by Cam]

[Hook: Mick Jenkins]
Calm down, n***a, this golden
Go and take a hit of these roses
Go and get a sip of this water
Let your seat back, relax, get comfortable
Get comfortable, get comfortable, get comfortable

[Verse 1: Mick Jenkins]
Got your joint, it's in rotation, check the syncopation
Deep off in these waters, never needing no flotation
Devices, on this humble pie by the slices
Give it to 'em free, cause it's priceless
This your invitation, I'ma even welcome imitations
Smoking mirrors, I've been spitting rocks and ventilation
So, breathe motherf**er, just breathe
There's more than one trick up my sleeve
Tank tops can't hang, I ain't never even gang bang
n***a just hang with the wrong folks
Got a little older, got a little wiser, put the reggie down that's the wrong smoke
Been around the world enough, to know that you will never get rich, if you the wrong broke
Can't live life through a song quote, man
I've been trying to show y'all me
I ain't been accepting nobody's gas and still got drive, n***a still on E
n***a still gon' lie, and I still on G, tell your girlfriend not to feel on me
Or, maybe you should come and get your ho, bro
And usually we would have a whole bunch of ginger ale, but lately I'm been in these waters, like a slow bro
So, pardon my manners, this is more street etiquette
Know that I ain't going nowhere, if you believe otherwise, then you n***as better peep rhetoric
I said
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[Hook: Mick Jenkins (x2)]

[Verse 2: NoName]
You ain't even gotta ask me, I'm cla**y
Pina colada with a blue Laffy Taffy
I'm rapping to save a life, get that Apache
Indian remy on a scalp coming out
n***a just chilling on the couch in a blouse like Dave Chappelle be that n***a for life
I drip drip on the haters for real
Maybe write a rap book for the later appeal
Cause I still write poems on a little black thought More smoke and mirrors inside of the matchbox
More fancy images looking like mascots
My whole team got the city on the rise
And making the sun jealous, we dreaming new dimensions
And moving like black rebels, we cold we cold
We don't need no ice
I just wanna see your hands in the air and the fans in the stands and my name hella bright
"Noname on the comeup"
Telefone never coming out, what's the hold up?
Where you been at? Where the print at?
We just wanna hear the truth and the music
Like honesty and honestly I'ma be
In the cut with a book reading prophecy
Before the sun goes down and the meaning of life becomes obsolete

[Hook x2: Mick Jenkins]

[Outro x2: Mick Jenkins]
We been in here, we ain't going nowhere
And we do it for the Free, you know that
Just vibe, just vibe, just vibe

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