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Mick Jenkins - A.M.F.O.S Interlude lyrics

Rollin' up the tree
Ridin' with the Free
Prayin' for peace of mind, it's wild out in these streets
Don't wild out in these streets
They got you by the collar
I hope and pray you never fall in love with no dolla
If you n***as hear me
If you take the path we take, the feat it's gone be weary
If you prayin' ask for grace, I hope you hear him clearly
If you take a half a day
Repent for sins that past away
Yo' heart won't be no castaway
When judgement day is near-ey
Holla if you hear me
Holla, holla
Holla if you hear me
Holla Holla
Holla if you hear me, fool

[Verse 1]
5 deep when we roll out
Stale face is for the shook n***as
We Mobb Deep when we roll out
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Bail cases on books, n***as
North Face cheap cause it's cold out
Tailgatin' we cook n***as
You'll never say that we sold out
Never say that we sold out
Got way too much on my mind
If you ain't 'bout sh** and we talkin' you already wasting too much of my time
Bet you could taste the love in my rhyme
If it was me and you n***as could see all the b**hes I bet you'd make a [?]
I double take a f**ing rewind
The bubble tape will f**in' stretch out
Look at my face, i'm f**in' stressed out
f**in' impatient the medical patient, this blunt to my face, I poke my chest out
Won't get complacent, i'm focused in facing the music i'm paced to the best out
It's gone be n***as gettin' left out
It's gone be n***as leasin' less [?]
Just for a futile piece of that pie


And this has been a message from our sponsors:
Stay Free
Stay Cool
Be happy, n***a

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