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Mick Jenkins - Formal Introduction lyrics

Good evening
I'd like to welcome all you ladies and gentlement, boys and girls, to the Pursuit of HappyNess
The story of Mickalascage
It's 'bout to get real greasy in this muf**a...

Moms was down with the plan, how was I scared to tell her?
Dreams of South by Southwest and Lolapalooza, Coachella
How I'm confused and won't tell her?
Like she ain't down to ride
Like she ain't fightin' the lows
Like she ain't been waitin to fly
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I give a big banks to my guys, talkin' the closest of homies
Got a pound in a prayer for n***as who hate, but don't know me
Cause they ain't witness the struggle
See we piecin' the puzzle
But the picture ain't perfect and the success is so subtle
But we grind for it any day
Same way that Penny play
Crew full of JJ's
We trynna see them pennies lay
Chillin with some bitties, smoking green, and sippin' Henny straight
Brownies in the oven, we got plenty cake

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