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Mick Brown - Breaking The Chains lyrics

[verse 1]

Sit there thinking
In your room
You feel the pressure
You're going crazy too
The walls around you
Closing in
You need a change

Feeling scared
You need somebody
But no one seems to care
A one way ticket
A change of pace
You've had enough
Can't take no more

[Chorus 1]

Breaking the chains around you
Nobody else can blind you
Take a good look around you
Now you're breaking the chains

[verse 2]

Got this letter
Came today
From my baby
Who left me yesterday
Said she loves me
She'll come back
She wants to try

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I won't let her
She'll be upset
I know it's better
Than somethig I'll regret
She's been dishonest
And insincere
I lost my mind
Twenty times a year

[Chorus 2]

Breaking the chains around me
Nobody else can blind me
Take a good look around me
Now I'm breaking the chains

[guitar solo]


Woke up today
I'm alone
I look around
But baby you were gone
But I don't mind
And I don't worry
I will survive

I'm alone
Now that you're gone
Don't need nobody
To hold or tie me down
I broke the chains
So let me be
I've gotta be free

[Chorus 2] x2

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