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Methyl Ethel - Rogues lyrics

Well i drunk myself asleep
and i ablitera-ted my beliefs
i was strunk down on the course way
on the course way

[Verse 1]
i was riding on the coaters of a stranger
who was caught on the house arrest
and his room became his tomb

he said
dont want to be a photo graph
another photo graph in your album
i wanna be
a photo graph in your door way
but its ok
cause you dont know
if youre gonna have i good time

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i got abducted by the aliens
they said do you plant a seed
and ill watch you grow
i saw squares in the windows
became the squares

[Verse 2]
why dont you remember
back in the summer time
it was so hot
we wanted to escape together
but we didnt know it
didnt know know it
in the summer
when its 40 degrees outside
and inside its 43
its the 43

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