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Mess Kid - Turnt lyrics

Yo hold up

[Verse 1]
You look lost alright
I could be ya black Kate Moss tonight
Look at my skin when I'm in the light
My body at work, composition is right, that's how I fight
And if you actin up, you can stay the night
Bed spread egg shell, but the sheets is white, that's how I like
Got whippers, and lickers, and poppers
If you gettin' nervous, you prolly should stop her
Chokin' you out is the one thing proper
Someone call a doctor

We turnin, we turnin, we turning
We turnt up
Turnin, we turnin
We turnt up
We turnin, we turnin, we turning
We turnt up
We turnin, we turnin, we turning
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We turnt up

[Verse 2]
When I beat it up, I slow down time
f** a hororscope, my stars align
I put you on a catamaran just fine
See that catamaran? That's mine, I'm maritime
See hairline, waves on deck, s** divine
That beach life got me on the shores of time
Lay in with Draya Michelle on the side
I could show you my secret as long as you keep it
So Oprah and Tyler don't ball off my 'chievements
Let it happen for a reason
Nature, four season
Epicurean, [?]
Read a book, stop cheatin
You know where I'm sleepin


Turnt up
Turnt up
Turnt up

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