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Melanie Martinez - Open Wounds lyrics

Just cause I bought a Band-Aid
Doesn't mean I'm able to clean the scars that run
Deeper than all my old demons I keep under still water

Just 'cause you say you love me
Doesn't mean that I'm gonna look you in the eyes
Pretend to be surprised and say I love you back

'Cause I'm trippin', trippin' on rocks
Cuttin' up my ankles, when will the blood stop?

Fallin' for the next man who breathes
I need a recovery
Don't get too close 'cause you're really nothing to me
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You're just a Band-Aid

I'll rip you off when I bleed

Just cause I'm coming over
Doesn't mean I'll be there when you wake up
Cause coming over doesn't mean that I'm over him

'Cause rebounds get washed away the next time it rains
Don't get too close cause you're nothing to me

Just cause you give me flowers
Doesn't cover up the smell of the dead body
Or raise the dead body
Of a girl who got shut down

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