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Meghan Trainor - Be Alright lyrics

[HOOK: Meghan Trainor]
When the crow fly away
And the sun decides to come out
And all my dreams awake
And I feel free again
The crows fly away
And the sun decides to come out
And all my dreams awake
And I feel free again

[HOOK: Meghan Trainor]
Just know that it's alright (x4)
Just knowin that your be alright (x4)

Give it away, give it away
Give it away, ok
Haven't felt this way
Since when I moved from where I stayed
When I decided to do my own thing
And start over
Used to have some doubt
But now I make this world my playground
Yesterday, I felt the hate that stood on my shoulders
But I had to learn to let it go
Stay on keeping on my composure
Yeah they always tell me that certain things hurt when your older
So you must stand on your own
And take a look at your clone
Make yourself well known
You owe yourself this, owe people this
You may feel alone, but it's just your ownin up
To know your gifts
The lord can only help to give you hints
You gotta make your own, gotta take your own risks
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No cure for the feeling of loneliness
Some people who are the loneliest, they happen to be the happiest
So get going before the going gets
Mama saw me grieving so she told me this

[HOOK: Meghan Trainor]

[HOOK: Meghan Trainor] (x2)

Yeah trust that your hearts is in the right place
So when it stops, you won't fall and be told that your a disgrace
And you might
And that's alright
Just get up and say
At least you took a chance in life to make it better, but hey
Hey a new way, never wasted
Don't be scared to shoot in there
The truth gets in the way and makes the world's people crazy
Fools are degraded
But our rules aren't the same
Remember to stay positive and believe
That your life doesn't need to be the same thing
It's a shame that I miss the beauty that this world brings
When the flowers become timid and no pedals remain
Look life in it's face and say that ain't how I'll become displayed
Thing, thing, but I really don't need much
When it comes to life I just want to have a little success
No more feeling tied up in complete stress
Big sign of relief
I have reset

[HOOK: Meghan Trainor]

[HOOK: Meghan Trainor] (x8)

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