Meek Mill - 2014 HHS1987 Freestyle lyrics

[Rapping: Meek Mill, Verse 1]
Uh, go hard for that paper so I can get what I want
Stood in the back, I couldn't fit in the front
Now I pull in the back, my whip sit in the front
With no roof on that b**h, I let it flip in the trunk
Like it's gymnastics, I know magic
Caught with the bastards, early gymnastics
I never had a master but I done mastered
The art of getting money in a timely fashion

[Talking: Omelly]
You know we still...remain real n***a, you know, n***as be playin'
You gotta see 'em, you gotta see me man
When you see me you keep the same energy that you had
You know what I'm saying?
I got blood all over me, you know, when, when you n***as pop sh**
Just know that y'll gotta see us, We not gunna tweet you n***as or nothin'
You have to see us. You see what I'm saying?
I mean that's a n***a jaw right there today. You gotta see us
And it could have got worse but, you know, these n***as be pussies
You don't even got to take it there. It's just how I be feelin' , I don't know
Shoot, just keep the same energy
Whenever you say something about any Dreamchaser, n***a, just keep the same energy when you see us and man
Anybody, we ain't got no picks over here. Dreams worth more than money

[Rapping: Meek Mill, Verse 2]
Uh, gimme some levels, turn it up
Uh, they sayin' that I talk too much money
But maybe cause I saw too much money
I can't chase around no broads with no regard to touch money
So if it ain't about no paper, get them all the f** from me
Young dummies, uh, realest, richest n***a in my town
Yeah, if you ain't come with your pistol then get from 'round here
Cause I'm the ref. with the whistle, you out of bounds here
And this time on my Sky-dweller say “The crowns near"
Cause it's crowns there, you hear broke n***as talkin' that never sound fair
Be tryna broker and bargain something that's not there
I'm barely sleeping, having million dollar nightmares
I'm right c'here, finna k** 'em, k** 'em all, they shi-shi-shivering
I think they mad I put on my hood, f**in' Zimmermans
Racist when they tie me down with cases
Cause my hand got dealed all aces, and I make their yearly savings
On the days end, that I stayed in, First year I came in, Pop stars got came in

[Talking: Meek] (laughing)
Hold up, hold up, I don't know I said first year I came in, they got came in

[Rapping: Meek, Verse 3]
Basic b**hes can't sit with us
And none of these n***as ain't really rich as us
We swore that that money'll never get to us
We swore that these b**hes'll never get to us
But now I'm feeling like I'm made for this sh**
And loyalty go to the grave for this sh**
And where the feeling you can't pay for this sh**
All my n***as pay for this sh**
Cause we already rich and you know I'm the sh**
Got fifty n***as with me, they got Rollies on they wrist
Uh, I want everything my n***as want except for the hoes they f**in'
Roll that window down and n***a we get to bustin'
Who that right there? Turn around they fuss if [?] truckin'
It don't matter, you know how we rockin', we thuggin'
Uh, living this life, getting it right
That sh** y'll n***as talk about we did it twice
G-5 eggs in back this the life
Look at my man's wrist there, you see it's bright
Uh, rollie on wrist, ice on neck
21st and Berks, this the whole set
My n***a Dean, he was catchin' wreck
Bending corners on n***as, 50 in the Tec
We got 30 in the Macs, 80 in the Myags..

[Talking: Meek Mills]
(laughing) I can't...I need like a basic beat

[Rapping: Meek, Verse 4]
[?] thinking how I got here
Locin' low and tosin' p**y you was not there
Holdin' never foldin', we was on the top tier
Shackled to our ankles, it was like a nightmare
You ever wash out your drawers the same water you sh**
Doing your push-ups right on the floor where you piss
Cellies with n***as that went to war with the strip
You gotta rumble with ‘em nighttime down to the mornin' and sh**
I'm trying to tell them...(laughing) they can't get no more of that right there
(laughing) they can't get no more of that
I seen a n***a get murdered for a half a bird
Headshot, cat licked his brains off the curb
Before I had this paper always had an urge
To ball in ‘em sixes on them like, Julius served
I moved to the ‘burbs, but I'm still in the hood
And I ain't gotta rock a vest ‘cause really I'm good
And I should shout out my connects, like really I should
Like d**h Row and 9'5, Meek Milly I Suge
But I'm cocky as Pac, ice hockey the watch
Green Mercedes, brown butter be broccoli the drop
‘Cause them winters was cold, the beef from broccoli was hot
We was sellin' them O's, still getting watch from the cops
Federal papers, indictments, nothing was righteous
Praying that Papi don't grow up to be just like us
Praying them people don't judge us and try to life us
I did it for all my n***as, we ballin' no they don't like us
And they wanna k** us, if they could one of the realest
But they can't find us on a wood watching the Clippers like a Kingpin
(Huh? Yeah) But for this rapping swear to God I just wanted to be a Kingpin

[Talking: Takbar]
At the bottom of the joint put some “Motivational uses only” man
No hatin' man we wanna see the whole Philly win
Ya'm sayin? Like we wanna see when we out of town
A bunch of n***as from Philly holdin' it down too man
What part of Philly you from man? Put on it for the whole city man, everybody
Turn up, Put down the guns and pick up some money
(I'mma keep mines and keep the money, yeah you know what I mean)
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(I ain't mad at nothin' tho)

[Rapping: Meek Mill, verse 5]
Man, you ready?
I think the D.A wanna murder me
As they swore me in I spelled my name nervously
Feeled like I committed perjury
‘Cause this time they talkin' ‘bout in here, it ain't me
And next time I bring my son to court so he can see
How they wanna murder his Daddy, I murder the Caddy
When I'm on the roads to the riches no words for the Navi'
Should I make a left or right,? ‘Cause nothing was never right
We's infatuated with bustin' guns and sellin' white
I remember Snupe's momma called me from the scene
No life in his body, blood on his jeans
Couldn't believe it, one of the youngest in my regime
Got murdered and I'm feelin' like it's ‘cause of me
Was it the fame that I brought to him? Huh?
Or the name that I brought to him?
Man a n***a put a fling, put a torch to ‘em
And I put that on my son, I tried to talk to ‘em
And tell ‘em stay away from murder
R.I.P to my Lil n***a Snupe
Yeah that's how we rockin', we rockin' our Lil Snupe for life n***a
You know how we doin' it
I said, I said they even k**ed my homies, they murdered Lil' Snupe
He was only 18, only one that was a coupe
If you get a job they laugh at you, k** something they salute
That's the only sh** they see, that's the only sh** they do murder
Black clouds, black people, black roses
Young mothers teaching daughters how to bust it open
Babies having babies and them babies having babies man
This sh** is lookin' crazy even birthday was a maybe
Mommy playing daddy role, ‘cause he behind a fence
And she told them he in school ‘cause them kids they in suspense
Man these clouds look grey from this view behind the tent
Good girls that selling p**y, she was due behind the rent
And these kids need shelter, don't nobody help her
And who am I to judge her, tears of a single mother
And the only thing that scare her, ain't nobody hear her
So them tears turn black when the touch the mascara
Why I treat my last meal like I treat my last prayer
Very thankful, ‘cause I done had shackles on my ankles
Shackles on my wrist too, I swear that sh** was painful
The reflection of your eyes through that picture
I could paint you, like Basquiat, feel a soul from the fascia
Some recite the songs, the religious say the fire hot
And I don't want to go to hell, but it's hell on Earth
If I can't pay God with this money, then tell me what it's worth

[Talking: Meek] Let me get down to these b**hes..UHN!

[Rapping: Meek, Verse 6]
I say, I say, Said she want a boss just to sweep her off her feet
Hit her with the D and I can't keep her off the meat
Keep her off of me and we don't get to hardly speakin'
We be creepin' all in weekends, I'm talkin' freakin' all in weeks
But I know you still think about when i f**ed you
And when I came through with your best friend, crushed you
All white [?] no tint, know I touched you
Tried to give my man some, he ain't wanna bust you
‘Cause loyalty is royalty, hoes ain't loyal
You are what you are and I had love for you
Heard you with a baller, hopin' he enjoy you
Hopin' he like buying Louis Vuitton just to spoil you
‘Cause you was like a bill with a drill to my pocket
All these hundred dollar bills in my pocket
I could build my own bad b**h ‘cause i got it
Let you meet my new girl she looks like a Goddess
She could give you gottens and she gon' give you problems
When she don't even try to, blame it on your momma, b**h
Or blame it on jail, ‘cause you thought you was poppin'
With your little followers (ha)
She thought she was poppin' with her little bit of followers, ha
I said my girl f** a n***a with some money
What I do? Tell her break ‘em, And if a n***a f** my b**h for free
What I do? Let ‘em take her (You can have that b**h)
‘Cause I got so much money, What I do? I could build ‘em, I could make ‘em
Tummy tucks and a** shots, what we doin'? Flying b**hes to Jamaica
Dreamchaser, n***a!
Talk to ‘em!

[Talking: Omelly]
Real n***as back in style man, Guns and butter man, D.C
[Rapping: Omelly]
Uh, Uh, It's Osama, Twin Llama, from the D.C. camp
Heard you like to run your mouth, you the people's champ?
All that sh** gon' get your t-shirt damp
A tag on your toe, p**y n***a that's the D.C. stamp
Carry two's, with my j**els, you n***as thinkin' jackpot
Well walk up on me, you gon' hear that Mac pop (blap!)
(With the ladder in the stashbox) (oh)
(Black Talon that'll knock down a Sasquatch)

[Rapping: Meek, Verse 7]
Let me talk to these b**hes, I said
I said, you was who you was when you got here
And you are who you are, who you not here
Breaking news, sh** I think we got a thot here
State to state yeah the ho out here
Talkin' ‘bout Greystone she be like "I'm there"
Live on Sunday, Tiny and T.I. there (laughing)
I said, I said, Velvet on Sunday (unintelligible)
I said, what I said? I said ATL Saturday tweeting at T.I there
LIV on Sunday TV that Lebron there
Seen a flyer on Instagram that LeBron there
He ain't even show up, she ain't make her mind there
Stevie J on the mic, Meek Milly P my here
That ain't in the building got Omelly, Coon and Tak here
Now you in my VIP, b**h how you got here?
I took a G-5 here, you had a buddy pa** that's not fair
How the f** you beat me here? I seen you in Atlanta
I went to Live, you got there ‘fore me and we came in a motherf**in' G-5 b**h
(She had a buddy pa**, how she get here?)

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