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Meek Mill - The Motto lyrics

Bottle after bottle
Motto after Motto
Spending all this paper like I wp.. the f-cking lotto
All I know is YOLO, nigga thats the motto
Ricky told me get em and I told em that I got em
And I got em erryday, erryday
Bad b!tches gon f-ck me every way, never stay
Once I get it, than Im drippin that a way that a way
Young, came up from the bottom and I never had a way
I really went from wooping 62s, to whippin 62s
Aint none of the homies crippin
We giving b!tches the blues
We buying? bags, get in they f-cking shoes
You wonder why she aint f-cking you
Winning nigga, you lose
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Yeah, Im flexing, I pull up on the Ghost
hundred on my necklace
And my diamonds clear they VVSing
I turn into a toilet on these? they BSing
Two fingers, did it on em
Hold up, I really shitted on em
I dropped Dreamchaser and I made a milly on em
It dont matter what city Im in, Im going Philly on em
With my red P hat, you dont know, we back
Bout to go to Houston, heard thats where the chief at
Hiding with the ? down
I couldnt get it man, get ready for that Me and Wale finna drop to that real soon man
I was just playing around
Shout out to the homie Drizzy, all YMCMB
MMG we in the building

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