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Meek Mill - Stunt lyrics

All i do is stunt stunt, i get anything i want.
started in the back, now im that nigga in the front.
Shout out to Rozay nigga look at what you done.
all this shit i spit so sick and my pockets got the mumps
and my neck, it be so cold... boy my money old
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And my prezi glow and everybody know ima
purp popping, polo draws rocking. Bad bitch getting
muthfucka ima problem. Yeah, its mine.. i spend it im riding around
and im getting.. im riding around in my city with the top down in my bently
and my windows up, nigga what? Goin hard, and i dont give a fuck.
Put mirror tint all on that bitch so when niggas hate they see theyself.

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