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Meek Mill - Say It To My Face lyrics

[Hook: Ludacris]
Hey, Before I eat an MC I say my grace
Leave you dead without a trace
Got a problem with me, Say it to my face (to my face)
To my face (to my face), to my face (to my face)
Put a p**y a** n***a all in his place
Didn't your bosses ever tell you n***as you could be replaced
To the fans yous a disgrace
Got a problem with me say it to my face(to my face)
To my face (to my face), to my face (to my face)
Put a p**y a** n***a all in his place

[Verse 1: Ludacris]
Got a chopper, kinda like a helicopter
For any n***a that thinks it's sweet
And you better call the doctor, have you shakin' like a maraca
Drippin' like this beat
Blood spillin' like a faulty faucet
Plug his a**, before you end up in a hearse put the gear in reverse then you better hit the f**ing...gas {tires screech}
You broke n' now you bitter
But how the hell is a n***a gonna start beef with me on his f**ing twitter? (for real?)
You know where I be, you know where I stay I ain't that hard to find
All up on my D, when the DTP boy you sweeter than a valen...tine
How can you call yourself a man boy (man boy)
Yous ludacris number one fan boy (fan boy)
Then you left and you're gone "goodbye" lazy, I dont miss you
Then you signed to a n***a, who signed to a n***a, who signed to another n***a (what the f**?)
Smart move, boy you dumb as hell
You should take your soul and have a end of the summer sale
But all your records are my theme song (why?)
'cuz I'm still shopping off your ringtone


[Verse 2: Ludacris]
Ah To you internet gangsters
Facebook hoes
Email bullies I can see your camel toe (HI!)
Instead of talking to a n***a straight up you'd rather send a text (text)
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Well I think you a b**h and you should change your s** (s**)
Hiding behind your phone screen (phone screen)
Better run the other way you playin' for the wrong team (team,team)
Dick in the booty a** n***a (dick in the booty a** n***a)
Ol' take another dude to the movies a** n***a
I can see your Kit-Kat, gimme a break hit him in his face
How you keep it real when you know a n***a fake
Better hit the brakes when you see me n***a shake
You gon' run into convulsions, hater emotions and epileptic seizures
Put a nail in a n***a your career is over hang'em up like jesus
Amen (amen) sayonara (sayonara) ok then (ok then)
Next time you cryin' tell a b**h n***a
But keep in mind...yous a b**h n***a


[Verse 3: Meek Mill]
Put a p**y a** n***a in his place with that toolie on my waste like "huh"
I put it to his face and ask the p**y n***a "how it taste like? huh?"
He said it taste like nine (nine)
Told him it's a Glock 10 though (10 though)
n***as thinkin' this a game til' them shots hit his body bend his a** like limbo
Give my shooters yo' info
Send them right to yo place, put them right in yo face, n***a like "watchu say"
Catch you night time and then brighten your day
Shots at your head they dont like what you say
Coroner's comin' ta wipe you away
Think you a G, get hit right with the K
Wherever you standing, thats right where you lay (blah)
Y'all n***as run yall mouth just like a bunch of b**hes
p**y n***as talking just like a bunch of snitches
Lord be my witness, I ask for forgiveness
But if these p**y n***as keep runnin' they mouth I'mma give them the business
Heard you p**y a** n***as talkin' bout me when I'm not around
Told another n***a, so he told another n***a and it got around (got around)
So I told the other n***a, go tell the other n***a "move outta town" (outta town)
'cuz my dawg playin' hardball with the sawn off like you out of bounds, BOOM!


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