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Meek Mill - Way Back lyrics

Let me take these n***as way back
Way back curtains closed like you was in a Maybach
North where I was raised at where n***as getting murdered out
For running out the motor mouth about sh** they ain't even heard about
Feds snooping around the town trying to sniff them birdies out
Youngins running reckless with they burners out we burned them out
Old heads they all dead they the ones who turnt us out
Consequences we wasn't concerned about or worried about
Repercussions that could lead to the reaper coming
Cause where I'm from n***as is cold freezer something
So put your hoodie on or bring some heat or something
n***as will stab you in the back as soon as they see you fronting
My hood ain't no sweet sixteen
Where I come from its a blessing just to be sixteen
I never wanted to be big screen
I only wanted the money that came from a big dream
I ain't been to sleep since, hard grinding intense
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Ambition got me f**ing bad b**hes ten cent
Shining on these haters counting paper 'til my [?]
Cause ever since I was like ten my main goal was to get rich
Second grade I got A's, fourth grade I got B's
Sixth grade I got F's High School I just slept
f** around on Burks Street a lot of n***as got wet
And I ain't talking PCP I'm talking 'bout them big tecs
Money power respect drug money big checks
n***as f**ing with them birds and I ain't talking Dipset
I refuse to let these street swallow me
And the system devour me rather make them bow to me
Phialdel where the k**ers dwell where the goons creep
Where the sun don't ever shine and only the moon peep
Right around the corner from the devil and doom street
Where n***as never make it you want ti then take it
Well if I'm not mistaken you'll get shot for Nathen
Wrong time place victim of a crime rate
n***as will put you on a page no Myspace
Tears all on your mom face n***a where I come from

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