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Meek Mill - Prolli lyrics

[Hook: Meek Mill]
I probably be with your b**h, probably in the whip
Purple label on my sweater and its Prada on my kicks
You know you probably on my dick cause I'm probably the sh**
And I'm like [?]
Baby I'll give you what you need
You don't need to learn your alphabet to know that I'm a G
Cause we ball 'til we fall spend it just like we print it
Ain't no tricking if you ain't got it
We got it so come and get it

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Swag on 100, j**els on bling
Every time I does they know I dos my thing
I'm so fly like without no wings
Got your b**h trying to slide like she on Soul Train
First pop bottles and then we pop models
Husky 550 black lac with the goggles
sh** I got these b**hes trying to hit me like the lotto
Cause they heard I'm throwing numbers
Tell me get them then I got them
Got them I'mma get them
My n***as gon' hit them
Change hoes like they clothes
Then everyday I'mma switch them
Cole Hammels I'mma pitch you
My n***as gon' home run them
Strike them three times I probably ain't gon' want them

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[Verse 2: Oschino]
Lamborghini low I got that Polo on my shirt
I tell that b**h get lost if she ain't f**ing on the first
Date, skate, I'm the n***a with the cake
I need a youngin with a wet mouth that love to s** snakes
Crib super big and the whip super fast
I'm a super duper star I need a b**h super bad
I could leave you wet like a mopped up kitchen floor
Big money big boys all we like is big sh**
Pockets full of Bisquick, wrist on sick sh**
Boss, floss like he fighting gingivitis
Everything I touch turn gold, King Midas


[Verse 3: Meek Mill]
I say Osama to Obama, [?]
A P don't hit her then something was wrong with her
I don't make love to her I f** her real long dick her
From the back of the back I hit it I'm home with it
Cause I way better than Mayweather
She told me every time I'm in it the p**y way wetter
I trade cheddar
[?], shorty what you sipping on
Patrón got me gone, b**h bad to the bone
Probably with your b**h, probably in the whip
And if I got her on some sh** you know she probably s**ing dick
Purple label on my sweater and its Prada on my kicks
I got some diamonds on my wrist cause I be flyer than a b**h


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