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Meek Mill - Money Galore lyrics

I'm getting mines you could get yours
Got so much money that its coming out my pores
I'm hood rich, but got to have more
I want to make it rain money galore
Got money, got money galore
Got a milli, want a million more
Got money, got money galore
Got a milli, want a million more

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Pockets looking like they was fighting Mike Tyson
Ya I get that cake without the icing
Breitling, [?] in the bezel looking like a piece of lightning
I catch your shorty eye I like oh I think she like it
Puffing on that herbal color Minnesota Viking
Higher than the flight get, flyer than the pilot
I can make those b**hes do what I say like Simon
Probably on an island shining like a diamond
Ball like AI, the b**hes like I'm [?]
You catch me out in Hollywood with K.Dot
Ain't I fresher than I've ever been
Clean like it ain't no evidence
Soon as we step in the door we make that money hit the floor


[Verse 2: K. Smith]
I'm like first things first, I'm all about paper
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Now you can call me K or Mr. cribgotacres
Will Smith numbers you ain't even making Jadas
Better yet Jay, little n***a stop playing
Swag like Jay I got a bop like Diddy
Money like 50 but I'm spending big Willies
When I go hard I make you dudes look silly
I got a mansion in LA when I don't want to be in Philly
You dudes look lame so I can see the hating
I'm usually overseas hit the states for vacation
Hot like blazing
And while you dudes got a pocket of cash
I got a credit card that could buy your block and a half


[Verse 3: Critical]
I'm getting money but it ain't from this rap sh**
When I walk into my closet I do backflips
My girl like Gucci, Louis, and that Mac sh**
So if I ain't getting paper she can't have sh**
I take her to the store she like it she can grab it
"That's 25 Critty" f** it I got plastic
Get what you want, I only spend that on a bad b**h
Treat me like a king cause she ain't ever had sh**
Its pretty city let me get back to this cash sh**
Pound of dro its wrapped up in the plastic
I'm in the V-twizzy see the cops I gas it
But I'm Frank Lucas got the sh** up in the casket


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