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Meek Mill - Living At The Speed Of Light lyrics

[Intro - Meek Mill]
Yea... You can be here one day gone any minute
That's why I live everyday likes it's my last

[Hook - B.o.B]
Well, you could be here one day, gone in a minute
Cause life is so short but as long as a minute
See I'm, I'm just living at the speed of light
Just living at the speed of light
And I would never waste a minute
I'm never giving up and I'm breaking every limit
Cause I'm, I'm just living at the speed of light
I'm just living at the speed of light

[Verse 1 - Meek Mill]
Speeding in the fast lane watching through my rearview
Thinking about the past man and all the sh** I did do
sh** that could of took my life from me, that I lived through
Cases that I could of caught, cracks that I done slid through
The bids too, struggles I done came from, the main one
Was the day my dad died, I never been the same son
Turned into a man young, cause I ain't understand something
Changes I was brought through, streets that I was forced to
You could be here one day, gone in a minute
That's why I get that money, spend it like I print it
Ball till I fall, till the day I diminish
I ain't never gon stop, I push it to the limit

[Hook - B.o.B]

[Verse 2 - Meek Mill]
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They gave my n***a twenty years, man that wasn't even right
Got him in the hell hole living at the speed of light
Praying that the time fly by so he can see the light
See his kids, meet a wife, all over a key of white
But why you think they take that time from you
Cause you need it right, and you can't get it back
So how they giving n***as life
Like you gon live again, grow up, be a kid again
That's why I never waste time I cherish every minute in
Pray to god faithful though, man half that sh** I make, I blow
I don't even take it slow, cause any given day could go
And I can meet my d**h date, feel my last breath take
That's why I go and get it now, I be like f** waiting

[Hook - B.o.B]

[Verse 3 - Meek Mill]
From where the good die young, and the bad don't even last at
Where the young n***as 16 and over die fast at
I was made there and raised there, but moved past that
Living at the speed of light, it look like a flashback
I done got money, went broke and got the cash back
Had it I was cool though, lost it I got laughed at
That's why I never ever cherish nothing I can have back
Thankful for my life though, I wish that I can stash that
Yeah, sh** I'm just living at the speed of light
Balling hard to see the light, be here today decease the night
I just hope when god come arrest me that he read my rights
Read my wrongs, keep me right, send me home but leave me right

[Hook - B.o.B]

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