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Meek Mill - In My Bag (Autotune Remix) lyrics

Grand Hustle ya that's my clique
Omelly ya that's my goon
All I got to do is point and watch him pop you like balloon
Shout out my n***a Meech, Pmon that's my dawg too
I be f**ing b**hes and it's like he f** 'em all too
We ball through, she call me I hang up she call you
He look at me smiling and I be like she wilding
We styling SRT, Cherokee be growling
Me I wear that wrist shot like I signed a deal with Prada
My motto MOB I been about a dollar
I'm [?] to cop Maserati you 'bout to go Marauder
You n***a f**ing with the wrong one
Short temper long gun, I do this for the long run
If I don't have a million by the type I'm twenty-five
I swear to God I ain't rapping I'm in the hood trapping
Trying to knock down bricks like the big bad wolf
Tell my lawyer get me home this jail sh** a bad look
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Hit her with a couple stacks and next week I had court
Now I'm back and I"m a problem like f** a mad book
Streets respect it and in the jails I'm well know
Eating the cheche talking to T.I.P on the cellphone
Land up in the bed money and b**hes to dwell on
Let's powerhouse man hurry up get the hell home
A mac like Charlie, make noise like a Harley
Ride hard Ferarri, puffing that Bob Marley
Knocking these rappers out the way like sorry
Young n***a but I've been had game like Atari
k**ers on the left of me, gonnies to the right of me
Haters even liking me they say I'm too nice to be
Hated on I stayed upon the realest and the trillest
Brick of c**aine will turn your neighborhood to Thriller
I ain't gon' lie dawg I ain't never been a k**er
I always had heart that was from the start
Forty on me always kept it on everywhere I walk
So anywhere it went down I was riding Rosa Parks

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