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Meek Mill - Gettin' To The Money (Flamers 2) lyrics

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
I say, gettin to the money that's all we know
Middle of the drought tryin to move that snow
Get that flip that stack that dough
Side hit that b**h and smack that hoe
Toolie on deck everywhere we go
f**ing every b**h on [?]
I spit that sh** got a dappy flow
I fly by hoes like there he go
Ya we trap like its a sport
Ya I shine like armor all, but yet I ball like on the court
Ally-oop a little b**h Omelly slam her for the score
Ya its my time and I'ma shine like I'm a f**ing Audemar
Stunt, ball, like its no tomorrow
f** your main b**h and probably won't return her call (not at all)
s**ing her and cuffing her like she broke the law
While I'm whipping all these hoe like I'm trying to turn a car
Back to the flow I was k**ing that sh**
Been about a week you still on that brick
North side n***a I'm still on that sh**
We all f**ing her you feeling that b**h
You still on that b**h
Running through hoes like Reggie bush
We blow that purple jelly baby I don't know how Reggie look

[Interlude: Omelly]
Damn, its all types of charge
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On some [?] county type sh**
Like if my PO find out that [?] I might go to jail for that sh**
f**ing with these b**hes man

[Verse 2: Oschino]
Looney Tune, Goony Goon, stepping in my Louie shoes
Your b**h she on dick, give me inside my movie room
Paper paper on my mind, in my coup as I recline
Coming through the block to cop, got it hot as Palestine
Money money half a mil, chase it down like track and field
Me and money Jack and Jill, we together all the time
Up the hill, down the block we got rocks like empty lot
Black and gold Jaguar that sh** look like a copper top
Duracell, corner sale, k**ing sh** like [?]
Ya the [?] threw the p**y like the sh** your daughter sell
Oschi, Oski, Gold Rollie low key
I ain't got a grind I spend the sh** I made in '03
Whole key, half a [?], feeling like a hammer song
Too legit to quit can't touch this hammer law
Get it in, flip it fast, I be getting k**er grabs
n***as want to see me fall, bike no kick stand
Pocket change, diamond ring, sh** look like a hockey rink
Llama sing, loud song, hit that n***a ground ball
Standing tall as John wall
Never snitch, never rat
[?] get right back even if I got to max
Gettin money what I do, VIP let me through
Omelly whole crew gettin' change phone booth, phone booth

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