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Meek Mill - Big Freestyle lyrics

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
It's big business, big bills, and big choppers
Cherry red Challenger looking like a lobster
All black D's on it hoes holler
Sliding through your area why is they comparing us
I'm serious, number on my check look like a serial
And I still got the block jumping Shawn Marion
I see a hater disrespect me then I'm airing them
He don't dig me where I'm coming from we just bury him
We count money fuck bitches go super hard
Laid back Maybach looking like a superstar
Diamonds on my neck shining like a shooting star
Thirty in my clip it got me feeling like a shooting guard
Stop me, small but I'm cocky
Two fourties give a nigga eighty like Shockey
Pull up in the hood four door Maserati
Jewels on flashy like a paparazzi copy
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I be probably in the hills out in Cali
In a million dollar crib eating on strip and broccoli
Watch me, Philadel Flyer no hockey
Tell your chick to google me she can dot com
She ain't got to chase me just tell her Myspace me
And maybe she can find me so I can get behind it
Told her I got a deal so now she drove me like sloppy
Got the goons on deck they ride hard like Kawasaki
Swag so sick my money is the medicine
Stunting on you rookie ass niggas like a veteran
Still do my thing while I'm watching for the letter man
Had to kick the door down them pussies wouldn't let me in
I here now I said I'm here now
Had to kick the door down them pussies wouldn't let me in
Meek Milly nigga what what
I'm getting money like a mother fucker
Windows darker than the bitch but I can see
I got everything you got nothing that's why your bitch be all over me

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