Meek Mill - Wins & Losses lyrics

Wins & Losses lyrics


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[Intro – Eric Thomas] You have to eat the dream You have to sleep the dream You have to dream the dream You gotta touch You have to see it when nobody else sees it You have to feel it when it’s not tangible You have to believe it when you cannot see it You gotta be possessed with the dream Yeah, any weapon formed against us shall not prosper Young n***a started with oodles and noodles, now we eating lobster [Verse – Meek Mill] As I walk through the valley with my ladder in flex I’m the realest n***a in it, I just happen to rap When they all thought we was finished, they was laughing at that So I went and bought me a (?) and flipped that hat to the back F**k ’em New j**elry, new whips on the way now Brr, brr, that’s yo b***h on the way now Mama told me if you fall, never stay down Stand up n***a, I can never lay down Wins and the losses, it come with being bosses Shoot a p***y n***a in his head if he cross us Take that s**t to trial if the feds making offers Five hundred thou’, Louis said we looking awesome Swap that Patek for them cuffs, take them off us Lil’ b***h, call me lil’ fish N****s tryna turn my lights out, it’s still lit Streets calling and they said they was some real s**t Young bull looking like he hit a real lick I got too many foreigns, man this s**t getting boring Half a milli’ last week, you would’ve thought I was touring N****s tried to count me out, I guess they thought I was normal They ain’t know I was different, I’m like (Lord be my witness) ‘Cause we was f*****g up them dishes in my grandmama kitchen k**ed a pigeon thought the vision, break it down on my n****s F**k they opinions why would I listen, they ain’t see the vision When I had a foreign I ain’t see them b*****s so I’ma ball on ’em Magic City, let it fall on ’em And all my n****s stayed down with me Know I be there if they call on me Yeah, my n***a back from the (?), he made it home in a week Even my momma know how I’m rocking, I go on them streets Glock .40, keep it on me, we rolling 32 deep Bulletproof everything, just let me know if it’s beef, we bring the war I just wanna shine like my rollie Put in all this time that they owe me Made it to a nine and we litty Dropping 62s like we Kobe, oh Pushing the foreigns, drive through the trenches Top of the food chain, head of commission We breaking n****s without permission Never was personal, it was business Brrr, settle down, let it settle down Couldn’t tell me s**t when I was broke, f**k they gon’ tell me now? I’m running round, got a gun that hold a hundred rounds If it was (F**k them n****s) then it’s f**k them n****s now, f**k ’em! Never change on my roll dawgs But that (?) bend them thangs like we O’Dawg Walk up in a dealer and I pull that rolls off These n****s said I wouldn’t make it like I told y’all, ahh

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