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Meek Mill - Intro (Championships) lyrics

Feat : Phil Collins

[Intro: Meek Mill & Phil Collins]
We in the championship
We was down 3-1
(I can feel it coming in the air tonight)
Feel it
Champions of the United States (Oh lord)
(And I've been waiting for this moment for all my life)
Turn me up Cruz (Oh lord)

Bombin' on any of them n***as that want the smoke (Woo)
n***a, this a big boy Phantom, this ain't a Ghost (It ain't)
Had to take the way from them n***as and now they toast (f** 'em)
They ain't have no sympathy for me when I was broke
Amen, amen
Lord forgive me (Lord forgive me) for all my sins (All my sins)
Took so many riches just to get a Benz (Get a Benz)
Pray for my n***as (All my n***as), all my friends (Yeah)
In the trenches, warring with k**as, we been getting it in
32 shots in my new Glock (Yeah)
n***as wanna hit me like I'm 2Pac (Yeah)
Bad b**h f** me in my Gucci tube socks (Yeah)
'Member when I spit my re-up on a oowop, woah
Your favorite rapper a mumble rapper
Walk up in this b**h, a bunch of k**ers and humble trappers
I can go to Hollywood, to court in this jungle action
With n***as that'll smoke you go and murder your brother after
Whoa, big dog, n***a, I'm a big dog
Streets said they need that dope, they having withdrawals
I put on my yellow diamonds when I'm pissed off
I'm so rich that I can't even f** a b**h raw, whoa
Do you know the feeling? (Do you?)
Being irritated 'cause you gotta count a million
All this f**ing money, I ain't got no time for chilling
We too rich to look like this to all that k**ing and drug dealing
You my n***a, I f** with you, we gon' thug it out
Say it's beef? We going to war, n***a, let's slug it out
Be back, whoop, we at your door, blood in your f**ing house
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I heard your daddy was a rat, so you a f**ing mouse, n***a
Pouring champagne 'cause all my n***as dead
If they ain't in the graveyard, then they in the feds
I give a f** if that crown heavy, put it on my head
Take it to the j**eler, bust it down before I wear it (Yeah)
Whew, 'cause I'm a king just Martin Luther (Martin Luther)
I ain't a hater, f** my b**h, n***a, I salute ya (Salute)
I be flying jet and chopper like that sh** was Uber
We finally made it out them trenches n***a, hallelujah, whoa
Balling like a hot boy
Diamonds dancing on me more than JB Blocboy
I'm a boss, I'm the one that call the shots, boy (Shots)
You a thottie, I won't cuff you like a cop whore, no way (Like a cop)
Ooh, I just cashed out
How the f** you turn a bando to a gla** house?
How the f** you get a two to four and bail out?
Got your favorite Instagram b**h with her a** out, hey
Make her touch her toes, make her touch her toes (Touch it, touch it)
Run up like a milli' off a couple shows (Run it up)
Trappin' at the Waldorf, we just f**in' hoes
And they lovin' that Chanel, they gon' sell they souls (Yeah)
Running through the gutter, I ain't never bowl (Running)
You would think this Wheel Of Fortune, how we selling O's (Yeah)
Plug just called, he got another load
He know I'ma get them sold
Leaning off that perc'
Young n***a still f**ing all the baddest b**hes on earth
When I'm off in them trenches, I'm a hot boy like Turk
Gun shot is itching in that Glock boy, that's work
You get popped p**y, no twerk, oh
n***a, we trying to make that money machine break ('Chine break)
Shoot up out that van like it's teammate (Teammate)
n***a, we used to trap up out that green gate (Gate)
80s baby, they cooked crack up in my DNA (Oh)
Ooh, scary hours
Walk outside the lear, they gon' let confetti shower
You knew what it was when they let me out it
Living like the plug, n***a, I ain't selling powder, now way
Big bag, talking Santa Claus
Got 3 hoes off that molly ripping panties off
Flying private to Dubai, we off the Xanny bars
Ooh, scary hours, turn the cameras off, please

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