Meek Mill - $lay lyrics

Feat : A$AP Ferg

[Intro: Meek Mill]
Chasing that bag, chasing that bag
Lil fish

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Woke up this morning I had a ménage
Loaded the foreigns I packed the garage
We do it big like we back in the sky
Maybe I'll sell if I rap and I lie
Maybe I'll sell if I let n***as write it
These n***as swagger jacking and they bite it
This for my n***as trappin' out them Hondas
Tryna get designer Gucci they attire
Walk in this b**h and it's quiet
I break a heart then I buy it
I probably get her a Birkin
I take that back, sh** I'm lying
I'm on the jet when I'm flying
I'm in the Bentley, I'm wheelin'
I'm in the trench with my n***as and I know the feeling to see 20 million
Funny money n***as counterfeit
I could tell you ain't been around the sh**
Like a swiper, when I got the black card
80 of them burners if they counterfeit
Seen the money, and I know the sound of it
It go (vrrrt vrrrt!)
That's a lot of it
Know that language that money machine clicking
They been rap dissing, I ain't seen, n***as
Know Omelly ready, I got Dean with us
7 on me, I got Leem with us
Like that dirty dirty, how I lean n***as
My wrist so subzero like freeze n***as
Finish them n***as, I put an end to them n***as
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I'm on the roof with that scope
When I hit them little b**hes like Remy my n***a

[Hook: A$AP Ferg]
You save 'em, we slay 'em
Girl I ball

[Verse 2: A$AP Ferg]
Whip whip whip, whip it
Me and your b**h in a Bentley
Making it rain when she strippin'
Hold up the umbrella like Bentley
f** with a n***a that's righteous
Call me Mr. East Coast I'm the tightest
I remember when bedbugs was biting
God bless me like a n***a got sinus
Holy Ghost, I'm a baptist
f**ing on ratchets
Might get a Met Gala actress
Who give me the top when I slap it
Feeling like DJ Khaled
She grabbin' on my dick getting careless
Man I had to k** this beat, I'm a savage
Meek Milly drop 20 on the atlas

[Verse 3: Meek Mill]
Back in this b**h and you know we reloaded
Look at the credits and tell you who wrote it
I had that b**h on my dick and she rode it
And she wouldn't speak to you n***as and you know it
I'm out in Cali I'm looking for Khloe
Kylie, Kourtney or maybe Kendall, finesse with that swagger You know ima swindle you n***as don't getting the sh** that I'm mental
sh** that I'm saying will prolly offend you
You acting rowdy like Bobby was with you
You only talk when that molly up in you
Mehn you'll figure out when that tommy'll hit you
Got bad b**hes in the A down in MIA talking in the bay
When I'm on the west we ain't giving fades
Cause I got the cake draco with the lazer on it

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