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Meek Mill - 360 lyrics

360 (repeats)
I know you see go around
Money full circles
Blind full circles
Smocking on that color purple
On the beat i goes silly real ugly ma f***a
B****es loving on my rapper but she know I ain't a sucker
Look might break your neck
Everybody double take I am late on set
Got a pocket full of green faces like gumbee
Bought to take another round call it 7 20
Headed to the club going close in an hour
One on one on the East bound hands down gimme power
I just took out off face look sour
I can here em screaming my name like alvin
I am just sitting back reclining like calvin
High you can see in my eyes like salmon
Going way pass 60
Girl I think you just missed me
I tell em
360 (repeats)
See the room spinning around
360 (repeats)
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Watch the money fall down
360 (repeats)
Baby turn your a** .. around
360 (repeats)
I say what goes around comes around
When it comes to bad b****es I get three with me
One to f*** me good
One to suck me good
One to ride hard hold the work tuck it good
Only thing I wish I wish a mother f***er would
Im living life and get money like I f***ing should
I am on another level that make you understood
Oh you ain't understand it
Nigga I am meagon good
We make them 360
Popcorn looking like a box of rise crispy
If I don't make the record s*** the feds gonna get me
I am gonna keep shining on their haters until they hit me
100 thousand dollars cash $20 bills b**** I be on that real s***
Trying to chase a mill s***
Just came back from Hollywood me and will and Will Smith
Right back to the hood with my goons trying kill s***

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