Meek Mill - 2011 B.E.T Cypher lyrics

Self Made 60k The First Week I Signed With Maybach And We Did That Ish The First Week
Before This Rapping I Was Trappin Getting Work Cheap Now It Will Cost You 30 Racks Just To Get A Verse Cheap
Sheesh I'm Like R.I.P I Dropped 2Pac Back And Did A B.I.G.Was America's Most Wanted Like Chi Ali , To Young To Be Doing This They Need To See ID
Ross Said I'm Hot , Tip Said I'm Hot , Swizz Said I'm Hot , Your Chick Said I'm Hot I Went And Bought A Whip Put Some Kicks On The Drop
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Now My Watch Fruity Colors Like Trix In A Box , The Money Ain't Running Its Standing Still Now
I'm Getting It Hustling Like i'm Still Down, s**ers Is Talking Like I Still Ain't Around, They Can't Deal With Me Cus I Got A Deal Now
Big Face Hundreds Big Face Rollies I Be Throwing Deuces s**as They Don't Know Me..
MMG The Team And I Think I'm Kobe , I'm Riding In That Thing With 20s Like Ginobli
G5 Sitting On The Runway Just To Go To Live On Sunday , I Spend It And Make It Right Back On Monday.All My n***as Rolling And We About That Gun Play , Meek Milli

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