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Meek Mill - 2006 Meek Mill Freestyle lyrics

[Verse 1: Dat Nigga Lil]
You know ima talk my shit
Cause I can walk my shit
Since my boy died, the 4-5 is what I'm walking with
5 bullets we talking quick
Every track I get on I burn it down I'm an arsonist
And my flow is the awesomest
You can tell if I'm there when them L's in the air
That junk is like a skunk with the tail in the air
That stank, yeah that gank got my eyes to the back
Like six ounces [?] and that nine on my lap
I live inside of the trap
Stuck in a puzzle, no pieces to map
This shit is really way deeper than that
This shit get deeper than rap
Nigga I'm hungry you can hear the way I speak in my track
If I can't school you then I'm leaving you back
Like thick bitches with the weave to the back
I tell you one time only we gon' leave it at that
Because I live in the place of the highest murder rates
And the bitches set a nigga up for a murder date
Sippin' on that sizzurp, talking with a slizzurp
Connected in these streets like a motherfucking kizzurp
You bumping on that izzurp, say that then
B-H we straight one eight, don't play that shit
If your eyes on me, then my eyes on you
Take your eyes off me before my guys on you
If that gun on me, I'll hold one on you
I will cock homie and put some shots on you
I swear to God homie, you need your God with you
Cause if my squad with me, they gon' ride on you
You can't survive homie, he ain't alive he through
Telling y'all, hammer gon' bang you like a nail through the wall
My whole life niggas blood then I fall
I'm not Jada so I don't ask why
I'm on some shit like a fly
I put my spliff to the sky
For all my niggas that died
The way we was living the tradition Ima keep it alive..

(Check.. Check, Listen)

[Verse 2: Meek Millz]
I'm ambitious and hungry
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These damn bitches is on me
For grands, we'll hit ya homie
My man'll creep up on em'
With 20 up in his 40
Canning these niggas on me
My homie is like my army
They grimy, thirsty, and starving
Watching over my target
Waiting up for this dude
The chopper under my armpit
Waiting for him to move
I'm in my groove like Stella when she got it back
It's Meek Milly, Bloodhound nigga holla back
I said Meek Mill terrible, Flow unbearable
Cause I break bricks and throw shells like Mario
Try snitching on me, I'ma bury you
Family or not, like a rock Ima handle you
I'm talking air you out, 4-4 clear it out
For all you lil' ratting motherfuckers better hear me out
I bring them cannons out
Cause I ain't tryna fight, I got a pound that sound like a quarter stick of dynamite
I'm in the kitchen with a pitcher of that china white
Tryna whip it, hit it harder than a Tyson right
Back to the basement with it, niggas basic with it
I fuck hoes, y'all chase them bitches
It's a difference with me, ain't no bitchin with me
Cause I just copped the pound with the laser with it
To erase a nigga, if he jump outta pocket, I grab it, jump out and cock it, and make him come out his pockets
We smoke and drink liquor for all the real niggas that we lost out here, man it's hard out here
I make it and i'll make it till tomorrow out here
Cause time is ticking, and niggas is getting offed out here
Man I'm lost out here, this can't be life
I took the wrong turn left, cause this can't be right
No this can't be like the way I thought it was gonna be
Cause I done see a couple youngins caught it before me
They dying everyday, bullets flying every way
What the fuck is going on, but we can get it on
Cause we ridin' everyday on the top just selling ye
Dishing rocks, ditching cops just to make it through the storm
Until I'm gone, Ima hustle from the muscle, cause I learned only niggas that survive is the strong
Niggas come on, can't complain now it's the life we chose
Only life we know...
You can take a look in my eyes and see inside, its a devil in me
He told me lay a nigga down if he ever tempt me
So if I die it's my time nigga evidently

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