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Meek Mill - 2005 Freestyle lyrics

Listen, I'm the definition of a monster
Sitting like a mobster
Revolver on my lap, barrel full of Black Talons
I lick it at your sqaudron, roll up, like "hold up"
Start spitting while I'm driving
Peel off, then roll up
You niggas better slow up, before you bang the fuck out
I aim, let it flame, blow your brains all the fuck out
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All over your shirt, since a youngin' I was buck wild
All up in the dirt, ma screaming "Get the fuck out!"
No. Phil I was raised at, South Philly I plays that
Wherever I'm around, I hold it down like a wave cap
Yeah my niggas stay strapped, blaze and I'mma blaze back
All over that yolk and get your motherfuckin' egg cracked
Northside a Bird Streeter, Southside a Eight Baller
Posted by the green gate, cops come we scrape on 'em

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