Meek Mill - 2005 Freestyle lyrics

Listen, I'm the definition of a monster
Sitting like a mobster
Revolver on my lap, barrel full of Black Talons
I lick it at your sqaudron, roll up, like "hold up"
Start spitting while I'm driving
Peel off, then roll up
You n***as better slow up, before you bang the f** out
I aim, let it flame, blow your brains all the f** out
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All over your shirt, since a youngin' I was buck wild
All up in the dirt, ma screaming "Get the f** out!"
No. Phil I was raised at, South Philly I plays that
Wherever I'm around, I hold it down like a wave cap
Yeah my n***as stay strapped, blaze and I'mma blaze back
All over that yolk and get your motherf**in' egg cracked
Northside a Bird Streeter, Southside a Eight Baller
Posted by the green gate, cops come we scrape on 'em

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