Meek Mill - 100 Hunnit lyrics

I promised Ricky and Milly that I'ma k** it
Runnin' throughout them digits and dollars homie I'm Emmitt
I'm runnin'
I'm so 100 with every n***a I run with
Tell them n***as we coming
We f**in' it up this summer

[Meek Mill]
And I'm stuntin' like it ain't nothin'
Most of these n***as frontin'
I pull this Rollie from trappin'
I got this Beamer from nothin'
If they ain't talking bout paper
Just tell them end of discussion
And now that I'm getting money
My neighbors turn to my cousins

Gold bottles, lot of b**hes
Deep thinker, I'm sorry you're such a shallow n***a
The mind on me just shine on them, you shadow women
Ridin' with rats you n***as should be in gla** slippers

[Meek Mill]
Ha, and I don't never ask the price on it
Married to the money hater, throw some rice on it
I told my j**eler get my Muller, throw some ice on it
I treat that p**y like its Tina, I go Ike on it
Beat it up, I'm getting heated up
When I say I'm high, I ain't talking weeded up

b**h I'm talkin' G5, Teterboro, feet is up
Beaverton my sneaker game although I never be with ducks
Me and Meek, treein' up

[Meek Mill]
He lying I'm on papers
But when I knock this sh** off, I'mma go and buy some Laker sh**
I'm talking bout that Cali kush, We get work and Bally push
Two bad b**hes in the back, they pretty everybody look

b**h I'm hot as Wasabi in Abu Dhabi
In a sauna with some models, who treat it like edemame
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I ain't thugging, I ain't robbing, I'm puffing on my broccoli
Doing 100 in a bucket, do like 20 in a ‘rari

(Meek Mill)
And I'm back on this sh** again, Pressie blue like Michigan
I put on for my city I should ball with Vick and them
When I get my V12, I'ma be in Six of them
Riding round with Lou, me, and your sister, and your sister's friend

Hold up
Got the fridgedest temperature on my wrist again
Shiny sh** to n***as is like givin' children Ritalin
Bamma's sittin' in the pen, see you in a minute yo
And them haters went away as soon as I left Interscope

(Meek Mill)
Big money, I'm talking bad hoes
You n***as full of sh**, f**ing a**holes
I'm in this presidential suite, I'm in my bathrobe
Counting 100 grand I pulled it from my last show
sh**ting on them, something I ain't mean to do
These hoes do anything, our wish is like a genie do
A n***a buy a point, here take the nina too
I get a chick to come and serve you like Serena do

I think its genius leanin' will do when you in a groove
Stuntin', I'm in the sixth
I call that sh** that middle school
High as sh**, I'm in a booth
Denver Nugget number 2s
And I don't gotta front, I play these n***as like a wisdom tooth
This is where the Wizards play, this is where them b**hes play
We'd have you fallin' and now you scrapin' from that Kemba shake
On the day a hater treat a n***a like he fake
That'd be the day his label treat him like a signal fade

[Meek Mill]
And I'm ballin' b**h
I'm ballin' b**h
Me, Wale, so hard - as sh**
Get your budget money back, fire all your artists-es
We be burnin' everything, they label us as arsonists
If I ain't middle of the track, I'm 106 and Parkin' it

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