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Meek Mill - 10 Bottles lyrics

Kickin shit like it's FIFA, ballin like Derek Jeter
Smoking weed like it's legal, and we don't order tequila
10 bottles of Rosé
10 bottles of Rosé
10 bottles of Rosé
10 bottles of Rosé
Flexxin Sunday through Monday
Throwing up hella money pockets full of them hundreds
Catch me inside of Onyx
10 bottles of Rosé
10 bottles of Rosé
10 bottles of Rosé
10 bottles of Rosé

[Verse: Quez]
10 bottles of Rose, takin shots like we Kobe
Just bought a new bezel, put it on top my Roley
Niggas sayin they ballin, them niggas they gotta show me
Them bitches want my bottle tell them hoes they gotta blow me
Them other bitches is boring, them niggas ain't important
They Louie's that you wearing they cost the same as my Jordan's
I be laughin at niggas, cause the shit be so funny
Why niggas be gettin' mad, why don't you get some money nigga
Goons with me got you niggas runnin nigga
Sparkles got this bitch lookin sunny nigga
And to think I'm a nigga from the GAT
I'm a boss I'm the one that sign the checks fuck nigga


You know I'm hella paid, you know I'm hella straight
Ciroq and lemonade, I drink it everday
I'm in the VIP them hoes keep hollin out they thirsty
I told the waitress bring me "10 bottles of Rozay"
10 bottles of water, hurry up with my order
When 3 o'clock hit I'mma be leavin with someone's daughter
Chillin out here in Florida, say she from bora bora
Say she wanted to fuck me just cause I'm in Travis Porter
Damn that was so easy, all of these hoes so easy
Starstruck when she see me she said she seen me on TV
Said she bought all my CD's, want me to sign her titties
Ask what she doin later she say she comin to see me
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"We kickin shit like its FIFA", beat that pussy like speakers
Said she don't wanna fuck me, don't wanna fuck you either
Keep askin for tequila but "we don't order tequila"
And when I'm in the club I ball like Trevor Ariza


[Meek Mill]
Kick it like Janikowski , Flexin in my new Audi
Bitches they wanna fuck me, haters they talkin' bout me
I be gettin' this money, diamonds they never cloudy
I'm sippin' all on this purple it got me I'm feelin' drowsy,yeah
All my bitches Halle Barry bad nigga!
I don't do the credit straight cash nigga!
Was broker than a joke but now I laugh nigga!
50 Racks you callin' that a stash nigga!
You owe paper. Fuck nigga I blow paper
You show paper, I know paper. I'm spendin like I grow paper
I'm spendin' that on the road paper, I don't touch my bank account
My neck cost me 100 racks and my wrist cost me the same amount
10 bottles of Rosé, killin' these bitches like OJ
Y'all niggas on crab shit, I should sprinkle some Old Bay
Weather man he seen my jewels he said it might be a cold day
I'm ballin' hard and you on the bench y'all sucka niggas get no play


We kickin shit no soccer ball. These niggas broke no gwap at all
I'm sittin high, too tall you don't know me and I don't know yall
Yo click full of them scary people, we ball hard like Derek Jeter
I'm in Onyx. I'm throwin money
Can't believe I'm havin fun with them dead people
Fuck what ya heard we don't love them hoes
True Religions them my old clothes
10 bottles of that red shit, in the VIP with a red bitch
I'm high as fuck I can't see. My blunts long they lanky
My diamonds goin crazy from my earrings to my pinky
Shake the bottle up pop it on lil mama. Bank account got stupid commas
Check me out smokin marijuana, don't even choose if you like the drama
Louie V all around my waist, naked hoes all around my face
Need a million up on the plate, fuck the haters I'mma stack the cake


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