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MD$ - Tonight lyrics

[Chorus: Lo Era]
Throwing this money tonight
Need you right back in my life
When you gone feelin ain't right
Hit you up baby I might (X2)
Seen you on insta hit like
Look so good give you pipe

[Verse 1: Lo Era]
Girl I think you know what I'm saying
I'm done with those games no more
I won't be playing
I try to find the words
I know there ain't a thing that you've never heard
I ain't trying to be your first or your third
Girl I'm trying to be your last
I know I f**ed up too many times in the past
Feel the pain in my ink as I go and write these lines
And that f**boy always go and talk crazy
The sh** I do and say it just amaze me
Just know that you're gonna have my baby, baby
And maybe, maybe


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[Verse 2: MD]
Hit you up baby I might
That booty is so out of sight
I might call up that Uber tonight
Leave in the comments, warning she bites
Your brain has more knowledge than I ever thought
So, tick tock are you down or not?
She, came through and her pants was off
God damn it I love college hitting singles like I'm Asher Roth
Label the name when we came here for fame
Took a lame crash landing last time we tried to blast off
So train in the rain and fight the pain of the sprain
Back to balling in this game ever since we got the cast off
No others can do this with numbers or imagery
No wonder all this ladies catch affinity
Realize their guys couldn't match up to me physically
Got em wrapping back around cause my mind is like infinity
So speechless, thinking critically
A rap genius, the epitome
And then he reaches an epiphany
My bars are art they're all pieces of the symmetry
Throwing gems we were meeting tens
I, got the chems and I got the stems
I, press send guess it all depends
If my mind drifts back and thinks bout you again

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