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MD$ - Believe lyrics

Uh..... TenTik
Nobody handed me the mic, I took it
And if you thinking, amma put it down, you clueless
I spit the ghetto gospel, the booth is the pulpit
So what you're hearing now, is not just music
It's way deeper than that
Wake up in your grave if you slip on my rap
I spit from the heart, so everything I say is real
Practice and grace, that's how I became this ill
Nor be skunk, nor be alcohol, its nothing like that
But you gon get intoxicated when you bopping my jam
You gon get addicted to it, you be craving for more
Pardon me, if I'm too hard, but my life is whore
You thinking this is hiphop, buh really its p**n
The way I go hard, effing it, making it cum
Mehn this thing so effortless, I don't even burn
A single calory of energy, to me this is fun
Tell my pops and mum, the streets feeling their son
Amma make the family shine, I'm really the sun
I stay strapped with a microphone, I don't need a gun
From the slums to the city, they be feeling this boy

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MD on the drums, and the keyboards too
I don't lie to get your love like them G boys do
So if you hate hearing the truth, then my music nor be for you
This na God's gift to me, I nor learn music from school
Wah di do waff city, I'm steady repping for you
I fit kpuff for your matter, I nor dey reason another
Cos they ain't no other place that I'll rather be from
Than warri, mummy migwor
You tot me well, raised me well, made me understand that this life ain't fair
Buh still I can make it, anywhere
All I gotta do is work hard and believe
All I gotta do is work hard and believe
All I gotta do is.....
All I gotta do is work hard and believe
In He, who made everything
I have visions, ambitions, and no fears
Oluwa dey elevate me, I need no stairs
On the way to greatness, I am so near
But where I'm coming from, you don't wanna go there
So stay clear off my path, don't try stopping me
This ain't a career, its me fulfilling prophesy
I was born for this, and I'm gon make it big
You can call it cocky if you like, but na just believe

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