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MD (Canadian) - Make The Money lyrics

Make the money, don't let the money make us... [x2]

[Verse 1: MD]
Sometimes, it's like I've gotta be reminded
The reason I aspire to be verbally inclining
Pa**ing others in position to continue paradigms
For beliefs that rappers hold-- only stacks and shooting nines?
Don't get twisted-- making money is a vision
But yours truly isn't gully, strictly based on definition
I make it to the well, I'm dropping pennies and I'm wishing
That my paper multiplies, like it did for those I listen... to
The thing is that I find a difference
In my certain way of thinking and the way the diamonds glisten
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On the necklace of an artist I adore, looking distant
Flaunting riches, saying chains have made the man
But, no they didn't!
I think my view is logical, but only my opinion
In regards to making money, and the status and dominion
And the fictional ascending which connects to some possessions
Ain't a diss in any way, just some lyrics that I'm sending
So practice makes perfect, repetition just to be flawless
For now, I'm spitting giving audiences free solace
Thinking 'bout the mula... it's a motive and I speak honest
We never quit, or rock 'em patches like Rasheed Wallace
Addiction to currency has beat all us
To the point that we forget we're stronger than the green dollars
I apologize, but felt the need to speak on it
Make the money, but remember: love should pa** a greed promise

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