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MD (Canadian) - Huey & Riley lyrics

[Hook: MD]
You know, I wonder if Brenda's baby is grown now
Or did it die in the process of being thrown out?
I wanna save the world... but I don't know how
Feel like Huey Freeman when I sit back, and zone out
I wanna turn up, and do the things that rappers do
Make it rain, or party with the people in my rapping crew
Common stereotype is made about this kind of dude
I feel like Huey Freeman, but damn... I feel like Riley too

[Verse 1: MD]
Sometimes I wanna rock rings like Frodo, or Tony Romo in college
With women by the dozen, no reason to be a scholar
I mean, what's the point if I'm rolling in a Ferrari or a Bugatti
Doing donuts with a model riding shotty
Break a girl with nice legs, George Clooney tip
Going back to Cali, on some Biggie, Hank Moody sh**
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Music tell me I should grab a 9, like Rondo
Cause sh** is getting wild in the north, like I'm Jon Snow
Only Brampton, but corner shooters holding mo' gats
And I ain't gonna act like Toronto ain't got Novak
Misguided kids, go to violence, acquire mo' stacks
And maybe that's the reason that robbery's where the store at
I think about that... and think about time
Broken Frame up on my wall, got a lost mind
I'm making music, tryna find me, and balance
All the turning up with education, fly beats, and challenges
The world is throwing at me, you should know I wanna fight back
But wanna be young, pretty much is where my life's at
Tryna monitor my progression in my sound
We know 'Pac was Makaveli, even though he got around; what up!

You know I'm trying to find a balance [x 2]

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