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MD (Canadian) - Dream lyrics

[Verse 1: MD]
Blank page while I strain imagination
Always waiting on perfection, proper rhymes require patience
I'm feeling like my time is now, they're calling me the present
Cause I'm gifted with the curse, definition is perfection...
... Disorder obsessive disease that I'm blessed with
Sk** is always progressing, won't even stop for a second
Projected first draft pick, teaching 'em lessons
Can't afford to miss a session, rookie burns like a veteran; you get it?
I always make attempts to grab your attention
I'm ever working in this world 'til I be pa**ing my pension
Play the game until the end, I got a foul intention
They probably never get it, hardly catching words that I mention
Because my... lyrics twisted, mystic, gifted, lifted off the ground
I'm missing, double fisted, got some blistered fingers, tongue is steady shifting
Words are sending from my cerebellum, and I always tell 'em critics they can get it
Cause I'm 'bout to grab the pen and... write
I'm never wrong on these beats, I'll come correct in all 'em songs on these beats
'Til I get cheques that's really long spittin' heat, drop a bomb in the street
Concrete, grey chucks, all stars on the feet
My converse is kinda devilish, you only on my toes when they compare to when my level is
I play of hall of fame, like my words are from the heavens
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And I be the best, period; penalty for questioning
They never thought that I would ever be the rapping type
Couldn't really picture it, the vision really outta sight
They call me crazy cause my goals in life have shifted
I'm maniacal and just a psycho kid that's ever-wishing
Out of order aspirations, to the fame and in addition...
Wanna gather up support, cause it's realer than the women
So I'm rolling out the dice, really hoping for a six
As I advance around the board, and now I'm going through the mist
It's I'm walking on a beam, if I slip: a lava pit
Trying to turn this into something, learning ignorance is bliss
Not a gimmick, just an asthmatic backpacker
Breathing on these tracks as I be publishing my next chapter
Gonna get a meter spitting as I dash faster
Automatic dope, it's like I'm coming with a crack tracker
Cause it seems that I be all up in the streets
In the cars and in the crib, they be jumping out they seats
They be bumpin' out to me, see the legend I can be
But I've got a ways to go before I'm taking this for keeps
So it seems that they identifying me the new kid up on the scene
Just an extra in the vid, and I'm doing this for free, yeah I'm doing this for free
Only line up in the script, I'm screaming I just wanna dream...
Only line up in the script, I'm screaming I just wanna dream...

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