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MD (Canadian) - Complex lyrics

[Verse 1: MD]
Doing metaphysics with Metta World Peace
In Buddhist meditation, I'm not a medic; MD is not a doctor
My therapeutic music giving listeners a Detox
And when I spit, my verbiage coinciding with the beat rock
Sometimes I sit and question everything
To cover our existence in a game I know I'll never win
I mean, you never know if you don't ask, right?
I must've been a great philosopher in my past life
At 16, thought I was balling with my racks light
My trigger finger itching but I never got the blast right
Sat and thought about the world in my asylum
Till I hopped up out the boxes, and my lyrics got inside 'em
I used to write about the presence of our presidents
And how the government is putting poison in the medicine
But on the surface, I was stupid for the hell of it
And now I got a tape; and we know rapping's what the premise is

[Hook: Zen & MD]
They say I'm complex, like a magazine
Walking through a world, we don't really know anything [x3]
... they say I'm complex, like a magazine
I made it for the crazy kids just like me!

[Verse 2: MD]
Perfect timing... for an existential crisis
Young man on the road to "figure out what life is"
My destination got a tiny population
Feeling spaced out in midst of reading consolations
Tryna have enlightened conversations
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With my momma... she may a**ume that my adopted father Dalai Lama
But that ain't the case; I simply wanna gain some knowledge
My d**h is coming; reason why I gotta
Uh, in the words of many:
I've got enough on my mind, and I ain't got enough time
To put it all in a rhyme
I said enough on my mind and I ain't got enough time to put it all in a rhyme
Don't get me wrong, this ain't my everyday mindset
Just a rapper, there ain't many of my kind yet
I'm complex, going off when I'm on kid
And I'mma tell you what I'm like, like Nas did


[Verse 3: MD]
I draw a ton from inspirations
But used to keep perspective all inside like insulation
Dropping sh** profound, and then I cut like lacerations
Putting all the blame on my twisted imagination
MD was Clark Kent... undercover like a married couple
Cause I'm the rapper type that didn't wanna carry trouble
My appetite is different from the scary hustle
Ain't k** nobody 'less we on the mic; my streak is double
My brain's a puzzle on and off the beat
I ain't piece the sh** together myself... yet
But this enigma on a mission tryna figure out the riddle
How we all some freaking walking contradictions
I'm dropping music... as an outlet... to keep me sane
I hope my audience feeling all the sh** I'm saying
I hope the crazy kids'll love the sh** on Broken Frame
I know for certain when it hits, you ain't gon' feel a pain-- complex

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