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MD (Canadian) - Clark Kent lyrics

[Verse 1: MD]
MD spittin'? A secret that was best kept
They sleeping on me like a mattress in a large tent
Never knew I rapped, similar to Clark Kent
I'm Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker with a dark pen
A superhero in the game with my heart
Saving listeners from the sh** meant to harm them... ain't it far-fetched?
I gotta save 'em listeners from poison, spitting sick with it
Knew I had the talent, had to admit it; the thing is...
I kept my spitting on the quiet
Reception where I'm from ain't comparable to kindness and direction on the atlas, America behind us
We love to hate... and everybody's a clone
Handicap at the beginning is a minus, similar to dealing with a homegrown bias
Know I got incentive, making music timeless-- from the outskirts of the screwface capital
I'm a rapper though, no k**s for capital...
My thoughts are pretty rational, still I'll tell you straight: I'mma blow like a radical
They don't know that I'm a superhero coming to the top of the Metropolis; been low-key
Y'all know me, still the same MD, OG Clark Kent flow-- no stopping this

[Hook: MD & Pressure]
Never knew rapped, similar to Clark Kent [x3]
MD & Presh rockin' letters up on our chest
Motherf**er, know we up next
And they know we going harder than a tough test written by a roughneck
While we chasing down the suspects, on a mission to the success
Hop up in the booth, flying to the top [x7]

[Verse 2: Pressure]
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Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh boy
Me against the world like, old boy
Sandals in the street like dough boy
No scholarship, I needed dough, boy
It was never like that... dreaming in the dark, visualizing what I had
Ease the pain medicating through the pad
Illustrating through the ma** of d** on the dash
Boy, boy... motherf** you and your rhyming, kid
Lost in the line, shoulda followed it
Everybody rap label me a homonym
Prominent... d** be, must be looking through the windows to the soul mind-reading
And it's pretty clear now that your b**h saying she wanna f** me
f** with me, I'm not tippin'
Buscemi in the joint, you a boy in blue...
We don't f** with the ops
And I don't even rap, can't touch what I got


[Verse 3: MD]
I'm pretty blind to the bull, like I'm Scott Summers
Pull up to the scene with my shades on
They gon' respect me while they giving me a five-star for my bars
Four stars is ending with a GTA cop hummer
I'm just playing, welcome to Broken Frame
I'm a kid from Brampton finna change a game that's pretty mundane
I'm Clark Kent cause they don't know where I'm at
And it s**s because we know a hero's gotta die someday

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