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MD (Canadian) - Broken Frame lyrics

[Verse 1: MD]
This future 27 club member born in December
Better get my act together so I'm one to remember
Tryna get it as a hero like I joined the avengers
d**h is always destiny regardless of gender
When you see that broken gla** on your picture
Better wish the end'll miss ya, especially if you're superstitious
Or you can use your time as if you're on a mission
On the road to your ascension tryna finish as a legend
I hope they gonna miss me when I'm gone b
Like Marcus Garvey, MLK, Gandhi
Pac, Biggie, John Lennon, Bob Marley
For now, I gotta get the recognition when I'm on beats
My sporadic motivation really gets to me
Because I may die before the chance to make some history
Don't wanna fail, I'd rather down a shot of Listerine
I'm hoping that I get to people listening

Broken frames are superstitions in a world that's sick and twisted [x3]
Know tomorrow's not a given, saying, saying
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If I die now... will I be forever young?
I don't know

[Verse 2: MD]
When I rap I wanna get the world to feel me
But before I drop a track I gotta feel it
Too many people sacrifice the vision
Don't forget I said I have good intention
I'm aware of the condition...
The world is composed... in a way that doesn't really ever cater
To the people who don't waver; tryna make it from a minor to a major
You don't play across the nation 'less you playing for the Lakers
Get it? Stupid human Northern Noise is a movement
If you wanna be a legend, you should do it
I got a music struggle tryna make it through it
Drake can preach relations, Cole can spit the struggle
Kendrick'll talk the setting, MD'll rap the hustle
Wanna be a new legend, but I'm only up and coming
Gotta put it on the line for them historical discussions

[Hook] [x2]

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