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MD (Canadian) - Bliss lyrics

[Verse 1: MD]
You ever have a moment happiness don't exist?
But in that situation all you wanted was bliss
Vision clouded by confusion when your goal was a kiss
Or when your heart was calling shots and you fell in the abyss
See, it's like a feeling that would never be missed
But nevertheless, sh** is always having you stressed
Remember the best, and I can attest to reminiscing on the worst of what happened
Freaking women got me cursing and rapping, but...
Excuse me as I digress
I hope you digest these lyrics that I'm enunciating off of my chest
Never claimed to be flawless, but gave it my best
Sad fact that it's a game with all these timed texts
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And other various variables and factors it seems that you gotta practice
sh**'ll have you blinded like you've gotta get your eyes checked
And in hindsight, it's kinda funny I was incorrect with my ex
Welcome to my generation, where subtweets potentially put an end to relations
You could say I partake, but some of it has me pacing
How we make it such a focus is amazing...
I try to keep it real, some others make it to fake
Wrote a song about the past, not a message of hate
Reflecting back on failed love hoping I would elate
Erasers on pencils, people making mistakes
I'm only human... this is life and how we do it
Gotta live with decisions even though they may be stupid
And if ignorance is bliss, I guess we smile being clueless
Happiness depends on others, blame Cupid

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