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MD (Canadian) - 17 lyrics

If I could go back, and talk to me at 17
I dunno know what I would tell him to change
Of course, I got regrets but they could be for the best
They made me what I am today
Then again, I had mistakes that would prove to be great
Maybe my decision making was a matter of fate
Matter of fact, I think... looking back is amazing
... I think that looking back is amazing

[Verse 1: MD]
When I was 17 I thought I met the girl of my dreams
Turned 18 and seen it that she wasn't for me
Had carefree living with the difficult times
Thought that I flew up in the sky with the world at my feet
My environment was one with fake IDs
Busted house parties, Xbox, and PS3s
Damn, no denying that some lessons were learnt
Momma said don't f** around and get an HIV
Shoot, you'd probably think that it'd be different by now
I think some parts remain the same, but sh** is difficult now
Or maybe... I'm just lazy; it's ridiculous now
How I see a different world whenever leaving the house
Over the past couple years... I've had bad dating
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Started rapping more, and bailed a few times skating
Mixing in with all the arguing with parents, It's apparent
Being 17 was something I would cherish


[Verse 2: MD]
When I was 17... watching celebrities
Talking 'bout their memories at 17 on MTV
I used to think... what'll be my story?
I'm almost 20 now, reflecting like I just turned 40
Pretty funny how we're seeing ways that life's so short
But it's the longest thing that ever in sight
I know that 17 feels like it was ages ago
But could've sworn 17 was last night
That goes to show the dichotomy that presents itself
When measuring experience of yesterday
Or years ago; it seems near, but never been this far
It's the memories we got that make us feel so close
Uh, you can quote that. Take a note that
I'm sorta reminiscing back in these dope raps
I think it's crazy; had to make in a line, I
Throw my watch in the sky, thinking time flies

[Hook] [x2]

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