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MD (Canadian) - Look At Me Now (Freestyle) lyrics

[Intro - M.D]
Damn, This is a keeper, I'm taking over this game
Leggo !

[Verse 1 - M.D]
I got your girlfriend on her twitter
She retweeting bout my dick
She got cameras on my bathroom
And she's peekin on my sh**
Drove to LA just to tell me she want to get on my tip
Drove the whole way to NY to tell her friend I licked her lips
Now shes driving to Miami to tell you she takes her sh**
Now shes driving to her hook up to say she fakes every sh**
She thinks that she goin with me
But I leave her like some lit
Cause Im driving out to every bar I know there is a b**h
And she sits on top of my broom, now shes flyin like a witch
Every stripper find a pole when I come cause they know Im rich
Every bar I say is hotter than the previous I spit
I take planes to everywhere in Europe to take some few sips
And Im driving through the city, and them haters always trips
Damn, I k**ed this like Im Red Rum, haters know that Im the sh**
I was born up in a p**y, and I think Ill die there too
Man, I take these b**hes they're in love in, damn, it makes them blue
Damn, Im done
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[Middle Intro - M.D]
No, I ain't done like the song, only the verse, Leggo

[Verse 2 - M.D]
I ain't done anything offensive to make you haters cry
Damn, you crying in the corner cause your girlfriend told a lie
Weve been doin this sh** before you connected like Wi-Fi
But we thought it would be better, if she didn't say byebye
But the 3 years weve been hookin up, I guess that we were wrong
Im just tryna put you up some things, Thats why I wrote this song
And I made your girlfriend breakup with me, cause she found her thong
And this girl that I am talking up, Ill tell you later on
We were goin at it, like Tiger was cheating on his wife
Im a player, p**y is the most important in my life
And Im cuttin through this critics like warm butter and a knife
Now Im gonna tell you bout the girl I hooked up with last night
She came up to me while I was sippin rose in this b**h
Said her was Allison, or something, I just watched this b**h
Then she came up to me, said "Hey M.D, I know that youre rich
But I bet that I can make you scream for my p**y like sh**"
Then I said, "Well I can get it on with you for just this night"
Ive been sippin champagne, I bet I make you feel alright
Then I said "god damn it, this is like the p**y of my dreams"
I swear life is better than these rappers make it seem
Im a lonely wolf, and a prince I dont need no queen

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