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MD (Canadian) - I Wish (Remix) lyrics

[Hook: Bei Maejor]

Now I miss U like I didn't hit the ball
Girl, I want U back to my home, back where U belong
Why U gotta leave me hanging like a leaf in the fall
Just know Im 6 feet under like I work with Michael Hall
We were special, girl we had something
But suddenly lost it
I had my chance with U, but I guess that this the cost bit
My heart was of ice, But U came and defrost it
The line of the universe, Girl, I guess we crossed it
I know I made some few mistakes, But I apologize
Never ever should have let you go, this I realize
Now Im sittin on the bed and the pain rise
10/10 now Im talking bout the pain size
Im feelin stupid cause I know I did you wrong
Now Im feelin prisoned in my heart like King Kong
We were up and down, back and forth like Ping Pong
And I miss you like damn, now I can't move on

[Hook: Bei Maejor]

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You got me in a chokehold
Gun to my head
Now Im throwing up a flag
And that flag ain't red
When I see you in my dreams
I can swear that Im dead
Then I wake up, staring at the ceiling from my bed
Wish I had a bulletproof vest when U shot
Cause you shot me in my heart, And you hit right on the spot
Like a 10 in a dart match
Right in the middle
Now "Murder She Wrote" is the song that I fiddle
I envy everybody with a girlfriend right now
This the first time in my life that I bow down
Cause I need you
I can't live without you
Now the only thing I do, Im dreamin about you
But you blew me up like a bomb site
Counting the days til your back
Im on the fifth night
Gone with the wind
The pain so strong
Baby, Im so sorry that I did you wrong

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