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MD (Canadian) - Hypocrisy lyrics

Skit 1

Verse 1
I been tryna relax
But they keep sweating me
My brother can't even walk down the street bruh, the cops won't let him breath
Call us names when they step to me
I try to just let it be
But sometimes I feel like pulling out a strap and saying "rest in peace"
Sometimes I wanna blast but that's the recipe
For a short life
Long days and long nights
And I don't like how I feel like I got no rights
There's no right
There's just hara**ment and blackness is wack cause I'm trapped in the trap, I can never relax
I bounce back but I can never get ahead
And why should I grind if I'll never get the bread?
I wanna pull a thing back
Instead of listenin to House Negroes telling me don't swing back
Or m**ms tellin me to pray and quit pork and that can bring back
All my lost time, man I think that
There's no solution
I already said I'm close to shooting
But in reality I really feel I'm hopeless
Moving weight or choosing cake over control, what's in our hell?
What am I supposed to do, Darnell?

Verse 2
Maybe you should pack a bong
Maybe you should rap a song
Life's a big comedy
Maybe you should clap along
Maybe you should start staring at back in thongs
Maybe you should

Verse 3
Get back up and never quit, I know
Take the hate in stride, never trip, I know
Let the blood flow, let it drip, I know
And when the clothes drop, let em strip, I know
But maybe I don't wanna do all that
Maybe I don't wanna fight back but I don't wanna fall back
Maybe I just wanna go back to the simpler days
Instead of here where I'm tripping for days
Just to make to the Sunday
Cause that's the one day I feel like we all brothers then it's back to hell on the Monday
Tuesday is more like tote a gun day
Wednesday, I swear I'm gonna make it one way or another
I told my mother I would buy her a crib
She always did her to best to inspire her kid
But I guess I was a liar cause I can't keep my promise
She told me "never get distracted by the nonsense"

Skit 2
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Verse 4
I'm coming for blood
You took my brother away
So I swear to God and I'm gonna take this gun and just spray
Just moments ago, we had fun and just played
But now he's lying there broken and nothing's the same
Is there solace?
Look around and life will tell that life is hell
So go to church and ring the righteous bells
Cause I doubt there's gon be peace for me after
Sorry Jay Diem, but this piece gon achieve the peace that I'm after
I'll rip you to pieces actors in blue
Pretending like you care when all you do is bustin them tools
At people like us who need relief not a gun, are you fools
Really convinced that this hara**ment will make us subject to you?
We'll start a revolution
Inspire reckless shooting
You are the reason that my brother can't rest in peace and he'll rest in ruins
With no restitution
There's no respect for you man
Tonight I'm ridin cuz I'm tired of disrespect and who can
Stand up for us if we don't stand for us
So take a stand if you man enough
Because even tho our mama's up every night prayin for us
Like Darnell, Mike Brown died while his hands were up
Now he's gone and his face is angled up
And I'm crying for his heart to hold down him till the angels come
Word to Jay Diem
I'm breaking, I'm bringing a bullet with me
To Heaven where there's escape or there's nothing, you couldn't give me
Anything that could make this right
I'll scream for him every day and night
Till my anger reaches outrageous heights
And I rage with life, just an afterthought in this aftermath
I can't even... finish...

Skit 3

Verse 5
So as my heart dies
Lost in the face of this apartheid
I lose a part of myself that was once where my heart lied
Now my conscience only works as a part time
Facing a Red Sea of blood that I need Moses to part, I'm
Aware that life isn't fair but this just isnt straight
I can't even walk down the street and still be feeling safe in this place
And everyday I feel my hope dissipate
I no longer feel like black is a race
It's a symbol of oppression, we find our freedom never
It's the 1960's, shouldn't we be doing better
Now watch closely as our blood turns the pavement
And we sing We Shall Overcome till we're exterminated

Skit 4 - Malcolm X

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