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MD (Canadian) - Fall For Your Type (Freestyle) lyrics

People talked about us
Said we was the flyest couple
Girl, We balled like we were winning in a competiton, Tennis Double
Were on the top of the tower
But now I lost all my power
Tears drippin down from my cheek
Just like its a shower
Gurl, What happened to us
We were almost perfect
But we lost it
The universe had drawed a line
Its a long time since we crossed it
Relationships dont last forever
I know dat for sure
Tried to say im sorry
But you slammed in the front door
I dont believe in God
But sometimes I gotta pray
Cause girl I did you wrong
This is the price I gotta pay
Girl, I admit it
Ive treated you wrong
Pleasure P
Cause now my heart in pain
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Do you got a PHD

How could you do me this wrong
Girl, I was your biggest fan
Always rootin for you
At the mall spendin a couple grands
Baby girl, This sh** is over
Your the one that made it happen
We were the flyest couple
But that was back then
Now I never seem to happiness
Now I only seem to find more stress
Gotta get away
Kanye West
But I know that my heart gon put me to the test
My pain won't get away
Just by rest
Tryna crawl back to me
Say you was wrong
Girl, Don't even give that to me
I dont love you anymore
If you tryna get me back
I won't open the door

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