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MD (Canadian) - Awesome (Remix) lyrics

[Hook: XV]
Cause I feel so (awesome)
How you feel (awesome)
I guess that's (awesome)
Shawty, you fine and yo body is (awesome)
Wanna roll (awesome)
Well, let's go (awesome)
Hands in the sky like...

[Verse 1: M.D]
Im rollin up a Swisher, Kara
Im blowing pina colada like there is no tommora
Kickin on my Converse, headed out the door
Up all night, Long Night like The Corrs
Wanna roll? of course
I told her thats awesome
Keepin 100 grands, in the strip I club I toss em
Sippin on this sh** that I can't even prunounce
Throwin bills around, sit and watch that a** bounce
Gettin to the money, green like the gra**
I murder this beat, and you solve it, Jim Bra**
Im so awesome, you see it in my rhymes
Got yellow bones and green paper, thats lime
Flow so stupid, you can call me dumb
Im shining out the planet, like Red Rum
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Home of a king, I live in the sky
Got a new clique, Awesome or Die

[Hook: XV]

[Verse 2: M.D]
Did I do that, Urkel
Yes I did, I k**t em, and I left them in a circle
All white tux, but its really black
Nah, boy, Im kiddin, I ain't smoking that crack
Haters come on down like Bob Barker
Im all over the web, like Peter Parker
Sleepin Upside Down, but I ain't Batman
Was on her friend but so her a** so phatman
Get it hah
Sippin on some red sh** like the Game on
On the highest level, Im in my game zone
Got bloods behind my back like Im in Verizon
Im the biggest in this Illy like the Chi Zone
I go stupid on this beat like Hillary
Red Rum in this building, k** machine
Swag surfin on a wave, Im the best
Hero like Batman, no Adam West

[Hook: XV]

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