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MD (Canadian) - Airplanes (Remix) lyrics

[Verse 1: M.D]
I do this for my fans
I love yall like damn
Your the ones that made me grow up to a f**ing man
I miss the days It didn't matter if I could or can't
I miss the days I went from diapers to a pair of pants
Use Ur one shot, U dont get another chance
My heart beatin on the stage, Like a romance
I let this sh** in the hands of faith, Dont let me down
I was a normal kid, Now Im taking on the crown
Cause Ive been everywhere
Ive seen it all around
I amaze you with some syllables and pair of nouns
I make amazing sounds
But I owe it all to you
Miss the days before I ate from a gold spoon
I get inspirial material from my fans
Miss the days I ate my dinner from a pair of cans
So I just memorize, Goin back to the days
When I rapped for myself, And my songs didn't raise

[Hook: Hayley Williams]

[Verse 2: M.D]
Goin back to the days before I got that call
When I was a lil kid, And didn't take it all
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But now Im like a star
But I still owe it to yall
I swear to my god, That with U never fall
The Fans Are My Everything like Chris Brown
Damn, I miss the days, When I didn't have the crown
Cause now Im the target, they wanna shoot me down
Back to the school days, I was the cla** clown
Shoutout to my hometown, Oslo, Im puttin on
You helped me through the time my parents didn't act grown
Now Im In My Zone, with the shades on my eyes
Paparazzis on my back, Now some space is a prize
All the jobs I applied, was like "sorry, denied"
Now its hoes in my ride, like the fire-truck, ha
But I owe it all to you, your the reason for my fame
Now them hoes know my name

[Hook: Hayley Williams]

[Outro: M.D]
Damn, I need yall in my life, Ur my motivation
Now my songs gettin airtime, radio station
Now Im chillin with my homeboys, like vacation
This is my work, I call it my presentation
Now Im big like Apple Inc. Abbreviation
This is for you, this is my appreciation
I couldn't make it without U, Ur my biggest inspiration
Man, I school these haters, Education

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